Videos produced by Jacob Crawford in Ferguson during the State of Emergency

While local, state, and federal actors forced the public to accept their solutions, residents in Canfield take matters into their own hands by creating a neighborhood association to keep residents safe from police harassment , and to deal with the influx of people now visiting Canfield, and the memorial.

Ferguson Residents get Bodycams - NBC news

Ferguson Residents begin using Body Cameras -Washington Times

Ferguson Residents begin using Body Cameras - Fox News

California Group gives Ferguson Residents Cameras to Monitor Police - St. Louis Public Radio

WeCopwatch train Ferguson Residents on Body Cameras - KDSK

In Ferguson, Volunteers have Electronic Eyes on Police - Los Angeles Times

Deacons for Defense: 1965
Black Panther Party: 1966
American Indian Movement: 1968

In 2004, WeCopwatch founder Jacob Crawford released the first full length, in the streets, non dramatized Copwatch/Know Your Rights training video These Streets Are Watching

Oscar Grant and You: By Mumia Abu Jamal.

In May of 2015, The Canfield Watchmen travelled to Baltimore in the days following the in custody death of Freddie Gray, and supported local residents in a Copwatch initiative

Baltimore Choice Cuts for Ground Zero: Ferguson

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