Me, Myself, and I Hannah Burke

My life was as normal as it could get. Wake up. Go to school Go home. Do homework. Draw. Eat. Shower. Sleep. Repeat. Go to class after class. Many of which I didn’t have anyone to talk to in, or didn’t have any close friends in. I was alone.

I didn’t get bullied, yet for some reason deep down I longed for the attention. The “popular kids” were like a mob of hyenas. Talk out, they strike you down. I wasn’t fond of them, as I was one of the “oddballs”. The kid who liked drawing, writing and fangirling instead of the newest pair of shoes, new phones, or where I was going to go out to later.

Before, I had thought of my life as great and amazing! What could go wrong? But it did.

Middle School, especially eighth grade, has been the hardest year so far. Eighth grade broke me. I hit rock bottom. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. I stooped so low and I hit a point I never want to hit again. My life in eighth grade went down the drain. I hated math. I hated my parents. I hated being home. I hated people. I hated pretty much everything.

Everything but the social life with my friends wasn’t broken. I had plenty other friends, but the ones that have been for me since almost elementary school were the ones I could count on. Instead of my parents, especially my mother who tried to lecture me time and time again on why my life had to be more positive; my friends would listen and comfort me and make me laugh.

Around others in my school, I was like a hermit crab in a shell. If I didn’t know them or like them, I avoided them. It was like walking through a dark forest with tall and ominous trees.

However, my popularity started to increase. But, not in the good way. I started to hear whispers around the school. They, being other students, would taunt me and call me horrible names that I of course can’t repeat. They made me feel bad about myself. My other peers made it feel that way by praising and putting a few kids above everyone else, then pushing everyone but them and those people underneath them. I was one of the ones underneath them.

They teased and taunted. I hated it.

My friends supported me and told me that “They were only doing it because you’re the only one who’s had the guts to stand up to them.”

However, all throughout this, I was having a crisis. A sexuality crisis. I didn’t look at boys the same anymore - or how most girls do. Instead, I started to look at girls more. I learned that lots of my friends felt the same. It made me feel better because they were okay with my choice, but others weren’t too happy.

Hug my female friend? Whispers flooded my ears. “Ew, did you see Hannah and her friend hug today? That’s so gay.” I had never heard anything from anyone directed at me like that. But, I moved on.

Suddenly, Donald Trump was elected president and it was like a spear in my heart. I was never really proud of America in the first place but electing Donald Trump broke me. The fact that they voted for a homophobic, sexist, racist, and misogynistic person for president pissed me off. Even my friends; my SMART friends were slipping under his massive idiotic reign and they were actually becoming stupider! My parents told me; “We’re just going to have to live with it now You have to accept that he was elected and that’s what America chose.” To this day, I still can’t believe it.

I didn’t like them at all, really. I didn’t like anyone in society in general. Everyone started turning on each other. Everyone was against one another because what that one person thought was not what they believed in.

There are so many things wrong with the world. There are murderers, there are rapists, there are serial killers, there are robbers, and there is crime everywhere. Fear runs rampant in the hearts and minds of people, that they will never be safe.

War is going to happen, war always happens. Nobody gets along. There is always one group that tries to stand above all the rest. There are stupid people in this world who decide to put war on the other countries in order for their own type of peace. They hide in the shadows, waiting to attack.

Some people fight real wars, but some others fight internal wars. They fight to fit society’s mold instead of what they want to be. So break the mold and fight your war. Sure, nobody’s perfect and you can’t solve every problem, but keep trying. Of course, there can never be true peace, but stand up and stand strong for what you want.

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Hannah Burke


All photos are photos I took

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