Exhibit 2: Time Management Self Study Dom Pelucio

Here was my monthly plan for March. I bought a Calendar to help me organize dates and assignments. I can easily see when stuff is due and plan my daily schedule. As you can see I used "x" to cross out each day and task I completed.
Here is my Weekly Schedule. I mainly used this as a guide to what class I had next and when I have to complete a study session as well as writing reminders that assignments are due a specific day of the week. As you see I planned out my study sessions during evenings and mornings, these are time periods I am most successful.
Here is a screenshot of some my daily to do lists I make up before the next day occurs. And some reminders that I have to turn in specific items in the future.

This is my 1st detailed Journal of the Time Management Self Observation,

On Monday April 3rd, I had a very easy schedule. I woke up, went to eat, Grabbed the government book from the library I requested, and went to do a primary source analysis for my History 1730 Class. Stopped then went to the class. Then took an 2 hour nap then started studying then went to bed. I did really well that day cause I followed through my plan. I followed through studying and didn't skip and do leisurely things.

2nd Journal,

Tuesdays can be a little rough too if you have an 8:00 am class. I had to wake up at 6:45 to get ready for the day. If I have to wake up before 10:00, chances are I am just rolled out of bed and go to class. Even though I was not feeling good, I pushed through and got myself to study and go to class. I took a small nap around 9:00 to kinda charge up for the rest of the day. Ate some food at core. Then came to Cu 1010. Rested back at Johnstone. Went to core again to eat dinner. Then grabbed my books, hit the library for 2 hrs studying all my classes. Crashed around 11:00 pm

This is my Third Time Management Hourly Journal. As you obviously can see, I did not do much on Friday. But I find it significant because I allow myself to have Fun on Friday. I have found how to balance school and recreational time. It is working for me well now. Fridays are very chill for me and it keeps me motivated to get through the week cause then I have a goal every week. Which is to get to Friday.


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