Mazama Logo 1894 - Present

The iconic Mazama logo was conceived and designed by one man, Louis B. Akin, back in 1895. In the first issue of the Mazama Annual Louis wrote,

For the badge, the design [consists] of a circle enclosing a triangle with a dot in the center,and with the erect head of a Mazama, resting upon a scroll bearing the name 'Mazama,' surmounting the whole.
The Mazama logo as it first appeared in the 1896 Mazama Annual, Vol. 1, No. 1

The triangle with a dot in the center was the conventional symbol for 'mountain' used by the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. The triangle is white, representing the alpine snow, while the blue background sky. Above that the mountain goat in its "natural color of white."

Mazama logo as it appears in the 1914 Annual.

It did not take long for Akin's original design to become corrupted. By 1914 the blue and white were gone, replace with metallic gold.

Mazama logo as it appears in the 1924 Annual

By 1924 the mountain goat was rendered in gold and the once blue sky in green.

Mazama logo as it appears in the 1966 Annual

By 1966 the goats horns become stubby and the nose shorter and more cow like.

Mazama logo as it appears in the 1971 Annual

In 1971 the Mazamas introduced the "smiling goat" logo, or as some called it the "smirking goat."

Mazama logo as it appears in the 1995 Annual

In 1995 the Mazamas debuted a new interpretation of the logo complete with clipart and stylish drop shadow.

Mazama logo as it appears in the 2001 Annual

In 2001 the Mazamas returned to the classic design, with a slight variation.

Mazama logo as it appears in the 2004 Annual

In 2004 the Mazamas returned to Akin's original design and enclosed it within another larger circle.

Mazama logo as it appears in the 2005 Annual

The 2005 Mazama logo mirrored the arm patches given out to members.

Mazama logo as it appears in the 2006 Annual

The 2006, and current iteration, of the Mazama logo echos the 1924 design, with the motto "Nesika Klatawa Sahale" translated to "We Climb High."

Over the years the Mazamas have swapped out one logo for another, sometime yearly. For a period of time in the 1970s, and then again in the early 1990s, the logo disappears completely from Mazama publications all together.

While slightly more stylized, the current logo is true to Akin's original design of a white mountain, blue sky, and a white mountain goat.

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