Roller Coaster Evidence CUYLER dUNN

Design Brief

The goal of the roller coaster project is to build a roller coaster for a marble. You will want to have loops, turns and more. Your goal is to have the marble safety land in the cup at the end. You also want to try to have the longest time and have it work on your first try. You will be penalized for the marble missing the cup. Constraints: done by February 24th, only spend 5 dollars, mostly use recycled materials. Criteria: base must fit in a 3x3 ft. square, freestanding and portable, track must be open at all times, marble cannot become airborne.

Idea Matrix

Technical Drawings

Test Report

Project Recommendations

When making my roller coaster I learned that you need to find a way to support the pipe and still have lots of tricks. It was difficult trying to tape the pipe on the roller coaster without obstructing the flow of the marble. Making the tricks was very difficult but it was even harder trying to keep the track smooth. It was also difficult finding a way for all the boxes to stack while still being stable and supporting the pipe.

Present the Soluion

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