Good life at Florida Museum of Natural History how nature connects to the good life

Nature on Display: After getting into the museum, I went straight to the frog exhibitions. This is a display to introduce various species of frogs throughout the world. What gravitate me toward the exhibition is its elaborate design. There were several different cabinets that mimic the real living environments for the frogs, where the warped tree, clear river, and smooth stones all do their best to represent the habitat of the frogs. To be frankly, I am usually not that interested in frog but this exhibition just pique my curiosity toward them. Different from other medium, natural history museum enables me to learn about more detailed information of frogs by literally looking closer to it. The real observation is valued and straightforward, which provides the messages that I may not be able to learn from the internet. By observing the frogs' eyes, I found out their unique colors and patterns, which is used by them to enhance their night vision. Without this display, I would probably still stay unknown of that fun fact. What I found to be most enjoyable is the design of the exhibitions. Frogs are kept in tiny glass boxes that have small ecosystem for them to stay. Also, the back sides of the boxes are covered by a series of interesting short knowledge of each frogs. This design allows me to take a closer look at the frogs and absorb more knowledge at the same time.

Nature and Ethics: Corresponding to what Leopold asks us to do, natural history museum provides me a chance to take myself as a member of "biotic community." The butterfly rainforest just creates a intimate connection of viewers and nature. Since the scale of nature is really big and hard to define, the museum that prescribes a limit to the range of nature just makes me feel closer to nature, allowing me to admire and respect it. As I walked through the museum, I was strongly amazed by the beauty of butterfly rainforest. Hearing the sound of water, I felt unprecedentedly peaceful. All of a sudden, the time stopped and nothing rushed me any more. What left in the world is just the nature and me. I starred at the butterfly scattering its wings and felt the breeze on my face. There is an inner peace flowing in my mind. At that time, all I thought is nature itself. When I started to look around and observed other's reactions, I found out that there were several people trying to capture the glory of nature by photography, meanwhile, I heard them constantly praising this display. I think the way museum tries to connect the viewers to the nature is to lead the viewers to walk into the nature themselves. Without further instruction, viewers can discover the grandiosity of nature actively. Realizing the magic of nature, I was given a great sense of responsibility that Leopold recommends. I think love, respect, and admire nature is my personal principal toward nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit: Fossils gallery is my last stop in the natural history museum. At this stop, I was pushed out of my ordinary lives and step into a far earlier period. The exhibition is in a chronicle order, with a number of fossils of mammals. When dating back to the past, I looked back on myself at the same time. I felt deeply amazing about the creations and evolutions of the world and imagined what would the world look like without human beings. This exhibition just gave me an opportunity to step out of my accepted world of view and envision the unknown with courage. It helps me to better understand myself as an human, rather than just an individual. As I found out how minute I am among the history, I felt deeply relieved because suddenly I was aware that what bothered me was not a big deal. Also, it makes me to further appreciate the mystery of the nature world by enrolling the history of the past, realizing how complicated the world is and how many unknown that wait for people of my generation to explore.

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