Kangaroo SOPHIA


Kangaroos are mammals. They make milk for their babies. They have live babies. They are worm blooded. They give birth to their babies. Kangaroos have back bones.


Tree kangaroos

Tree kangaroos live on the trees. They live on the trees because they eat leaves from the trees, but they are not big enough to reach from the ground.

Adult kangaroos

Adult kangaroos colors are brown. Some of their colors are gray and white. Joeys. Joey are baby kangaroos. They are big like the cat if they are four months old. They live in their mothers pouch.


A kangaroos habitat Is in Australia. They live in Australia Safari. Joeys live in their mother's pouch. Tree kangaroos live in the trees. Tree kangaroos could live in trees if there is safe. 


Kangaroos eat grass or small plant like flower. Sometimes kangaroos eat leaves from the trees. Tree kangaroos eat leaves from the trees ,too. Joeys don't eat grass or small plants. Joeys drinks milk from their mother.

Kangaroos life

Kangaroos could live from 15 to 20 years. Kangaroo live less than how long people live. Kangaroos just have one baby. So a mother needs to be careful with their babies. Joeys live in their mothers pouch until 2 to 4 years.


Do you want to try to save earth and animals? Maybe we will not be able to see animals like pandas and kangaroos one day. So we could stop cutting the trees and making the pollution.If wecuts the trees tree kangaroos will be in trouble. If we make a pollution kangaroos will be in trouble. We want to save earth so that we could see more animals!


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