Shakespeare Dictionary By:ShaeLoren Hall

1. Waxen: Having a smooth, pale, translucent surface or appearance like that of wax.

1. I'm WAXEN my face so it can be more SMOOTH.

2. Neaf: A fist or clenched hand.

2. NEAF your Leaf.

3. Anon: Soon, shortly, or presently.

3.ANON non later.

4. Oft: Often.


5. Beteem: Allow, permit, let, or grant.

5. you need a BETEEM for your cleaning MACHINE

6. Coy: Caress, stroke, or pet,

6. Dont PET your COY fish!

7. Square: Quarrel, fall out, or disagree.

7. your opinion is as boring as a Square.

8. Prevailment: Prevailing action, power, or influence.

8. PREVAILing action

9. Afeard: Afraid, frightened, or scared.

9. AFeared

10. Collide: Blackened, darkened, or murky.

10. we COLLIDED in a DARK hallway.

11. Fair: Kindly, encouragingly, or courteously.

11. her FAIR skin ENCOURAGED me to talk to her.

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