The urinary and endocrine by Taylor

Urinary system

Parts of the Urinary system

Kidney:it is a organ,they are each side of your spine and by your hips.They take waste out of your blood.How can you keep your kidney save drink water.

Bladder: a sac below your kidneys,a sac that holds pee.How to care and protection it drink water.

Ureter:tubes between the kidney and the bladder,tubes that take pee from the kidney to the bladder.How can you help your Ureter drink water.

Endocrine system

Thyroid Gland: It is on your neck it is a Gland that is a organ.It makes help and protection it stop smoking.

Thymus: it is a organ on your neck, it makes T-cells to defend the body from the bad stuff.How can to care and protection. thump on your thymus.

Adrenal Gland: 2 of them 1 above each kidney-make hormones, makes adrenaline in-helps body react to stress.How to care and protection it eat less sugar.

Pancreas: a long organ, it is in your belly,makes insulin-helps sugar go in cells. How can you care and protection it eat a Loy of vegetables.


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