photo challenge JULY 2020

10th Place (tie) - Tim McClure - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Simply a beautiful image"
10th Place (tie) - Selegna Diaz - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "This photo is really begging some kind of story going on. Why is there only one eye? Is she putting on a pretty face, but only halfway in? Is there some kind of pain that she's masking?"
10th Place (tie) - Billy Altman - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "This image shows very well two sides of a person. The friendly, happy exterior mask the covers the contemplative, maybe even sad interior man."
9th Place - Mick Haupt - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "The image is simple in its presentation yet complex in its construction. I love that the dark figure is perfectly placed in the 3rd/3rd and is contrasted in the 1st/3rd by the bright sun… I like how the figure's head meets the horizon perfectly - not a pixel too high or too low. The figures hands are clasped at the golden mean. Brilliant!"
8th Place - Kelsey Rivers - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "A soulful peek through the misty glass. A really nice composition."
7th Place - Dan Ball - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Dramatic. Like the emphasis on mood, and use of black and white." :: "The model's expression is great. The lighting is good. The shadow of the face is closest to the camera, and I think that's good because it's more emotive, like the subject."
6th Place - Wade Mantlo - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "I enjoy how he got the perspective just right to capture himself leaping over tall mountains. Photographic skill!" :: "Classic feel good image in the leap over a mound in the rainforest genre."
5th Place - David Eng - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "A creative capture using natural lighting elements, texture and distortion."
4th Place - Mick Haupt - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Handiwork, a peek into passion." :: "I feel like I know so much about this man, his simple life, how he loves to work with his hands and bring life back to old things."
3rd PLACE - ARTEIDA MJESHTRI - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Definitely the best-executed post production of her artistic vision. We love how the clouds become her hair and the layers of the mountain separate her face neck and shoulders." :: "I love how subtly there clouds form the back of her hair."
2nd PLACE - KYLE POST - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "Nailed the focus. Catchlight is well placed in the upper corner of the eye. Rembrandt lighting enhances the masculinity of the subject by giving the face a harder, structured look. Black and white conversion helps the eye focus on the hard, masculine structure and texture of the face." :: "So much intrigue with only seeing 1/3 of a face, and the B/W adds to the intrigue and mystery. Very sharp and very well composed."
1ST PLACE - ARTEIDA MJESHTRI - JUDGES COMMENTS :: "We love the picture of life in motion that illustrates who she is in the midst of "chaos" around her. That's definitely the most real and personal image here!" :: "I love how she showed herself as the calm amidst the chaos, the center of a busy family, the rock." :: "Calm in through the storm, captures the life of creative mom resigned to the wonderful chaos of children."