Tattoos on the heart Fr. G

The preface and introduction are about achieving i feel like. The preface and introduction talk about homeboy industries and what their goals are for the people who come there. They want to change peoples lives if they want it and they want to help people be the best that they can possibly be even if they have a dark past. These chapters have a big influence on what homeboy industries is just by the example about how the man who came in and had a very nasty tattoo on his head but father G still wanted to help him. This part of the book inspires me to take the right path down the road and to not have to go through all these people did. Out of this section I liked when father G joked about the four head on the man's ahead and didn't make him feel bad about it. 
Chapter 1: God, I guess. In my eyes the theme of this chapter is about caring for love. Out of all the stories told in this chapter every single one of them shows the love. An example is when Caesar cause father G at late hours of the night just to talk. I think it's great that Cesar is really getting something out of homeboy industries in this really taking everything to the heart. I also think it's great that father G talks to all these men and really does his best to help them even if it's at three in the morning.
Chapter 2: Dis-Grace. I feel like the theme of this chapter is about feeling down about yourself or what you've done. When one of the homies walks into father G's office he immediately thinks of them as an interruption. Father G later thought about this and felt sad about what he had done. That goes to show that everyone is irritable at times and can be down. I like the story of Lula when she showed father G her report card. The whole time he was thinking he was going to be seeing good grades but he saw all F's then the Lula said look at the absences I've gone to school every day. Even though his grades were bad I'm sure it meant a lot that he care for his zero absences.
Chapter 3: compassion. I feel like this chapter is themed change. Father G tells all the homies to care about all the other homies even if they are rivals. This shows how father G can really change people. What really stood out to me is when Looney didn't have very good grades but they were good enough for G. I don't think Looney wouldn't have done it without the encouragement from G.

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