This is a rack of bells played by servants as entertainment. There are nineteen bells in total, five on the bottom and fourteen on the top. This instrument would be played with wooden mallets for hours on end. At the bottom of the wooden supports you can see a small creature holding up the instrument; this animal is a camel. They probably chose a camel because they used them to transport people on the trade route to India.

This armor would have been used by a member of the cavalry. They would ride horses into battle and attack people with swords. They wanted the armor to protect against spears, swords, daggers etc. The armor is made out of metal covered in lacquer and sewn together.

This armor is made of thousands of hard plates.

This coffin is made out of jade plates. It had the emperor in it before it came to the Asian Art Museum. The jade plates around it are sewn together with gold string. There are over 1000 jade plates on this coffin.

Why jade? In Asian artifacts you will commonly see jade being used, but why? It is because in Asian culture jade is considered good luck and a representation of immortality. Often times you will see people wearing jade pendants and jewelry because of this. That is why jade was used in the past and the present.

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