The Path Ahead of Me Seana Key

About Myself

  • Born on June 18, 1999
  • 2 younger siblings, James and Sarah
  • Live with grandparents David and Marianne Spencer
  • Currently employed at Whitey's in Davison

Personal Acomplishments

  • Completed the FASFA
  • Participated in various volunteer work
  • Saved $1,300 for college

Academic Acomplishments

  • Honor roll awards
  • Teen-quest graduate
  • First year completion of Cosmetology 1 and career essentials
  • Received acceptance letter from Mott Community College

Short -Term Goals

  • Graduate, of course!
  • Get promoted at Whitey's to help add to my savings account
  • Have 2,000 in savings by the time i turn 18
  • Work out every morning and night
  • Legally switch my last name to Spencer
  • Work on my attendance

Dave Ramsey

  • A debit card can do anything a credit card can do
  • Loans are a terrible, terrible thing
  • Saving money is the key to building wealth
  • Always give back to your community

National Guard

  • Pay for all of my college fees
  • Earn college credits
  • Took the asvab in December, 2016
  • Leave for 17 week long training starting in June
  • Help people involved in natural disasters

Dental Hygenists

  • Help their patients maintain good oral hygeine
  • Need an associates degree
  • Make from $46,000 - $96,000 a year
  • In the health sciences career pathway
  • Job outlook will increase 18.1% by 2022


  • Attend Mott Community College for two years
  • Transfer to University of Michigan for a bachelors degree in dental hygiene
  • All debts will be paid by the National Guard
  • Beginning in the winter of 2017

Life After College

  • Find a steady, near-by job in a dentist's office
  • Look to buy house that siuts my needs
  • Pay cash for a reliable vehicle

The Final Stage

  • Save up for a down payment to put on a house
  • At least 3 bedrooms and in a quiet neiborhood
  • Get married to a man with a college degree and a steady job
  • Never have any kids

Any Questions?


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