Homelessnes Bryan Hernandez

1.Define your topic/ issue! How are people being affected by this issue? How are you being affected by this issue? How is your family/ friends/ community being affected by this issue?Homeless is when people lost there home and became real poor.Some people treat homeless real bad they don't care about them at all.I have not had any experience dealing with homelessness.I have not had any experience dealing with homelessness.

2.They had a problem on the population of homelessness because in one city it was about 6,686 homeless people.Right now homelessness is still a problem because right now 20% of austin is homeless.

3. 50 years from now i think that the homeless will get help from almost every one and that people will actually care about them. I think a new president will help them and then the.Out there their is people right now that help the homeless people right. There is a small neighbor hood with tiny houses like this filled with people that used to be homeless and non homeless people built that for them to help them.

4.A man he was home less and we helped him get breakfast a lot of times.A lot of people gave him money almost every day.he always thanked us.Some people still did not care if he was homeless they gust acted like was not there.

5.I can tell adult to help me and they will help spread out the word to help all the homeless by help them on there health,giving them a house,and if illigle give them papers so that they live here.If all the people want to help the homeless the president will hear everything and then he can help the homeless.


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