Nearly crushed by an iceberg john Muir

My surroundings peaceful, beauty on every corner, starring at star filled nights on the icebergs. Traveling through Hugh Miller fiord I had to force my way through. It wasn’t easy the ice wasn’t cooperative, the higher we got the harder it got. “With the utmost caution I picked my way through the sparkling bergs and after an hour or two of this nerve- trying work when I was perhaps less than halfway across and dreading the loss of the frail canoe which would include the loss of myself, I came to a pack of very large bergs which loomed threatingly, offering no visible thoroughfare.” (page 204) It would pay off later when the night fell and I became sleepless. I would quickly grab a blanket set it on the ground and just watch the amazing spectrum. I watched until the glacier tops melted into the sky. “Fissures or cracks crossed it diagonally through which a few stars were seen, and gradually it became thin and nebulous until it looked like the Milky Way, and at last vanished, leaving no visible monument of any sort to mark its place.” (page 208) I’d lay there for hours at a time until I became restless and decided to sleep. The view I got from my cabin was absolutely breath taking. “The short color-bars, apparently about two degrees in height, through blending, seemed to be as well defined as those of the solar spectrum.” (Page 205)

something I saw, seeing them forming and some slowly disappearing
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