Planes through time By:Hunter essenpreis

These are the planes of 1960's.The planes only fit one person.The planes were really small. A lot of planes crashed. The Write brothers made the first plane. It took years to build. Those are the facts about the 1960's planes.

these are the 1990's planes. First ,Mickey mouse planes. There were really good paint jobs. They fit 15 to 25 people. The planes were ok size. Jets were made. Jets go 50 mph. These planes are good but they have a lot to go.

These are the 2000 planes. They fit 50 people. The planes are big. They are really fast. They go 50 to 55 mph. Really cool planes. They fit special people. Those are all the cool facts about planes.


Created with images by Frank Boston - "Tulsa Air Show" • Stradablog - "Plane" • WireLizard - "Maule, Front Quarter" • paulpiltdown - "G-OSRB Boeing 727-200 T2 Aviation"

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