My Family Vacation by. ebony robinson

Destination St. Louis

This will be my family's first vacation. I have a lot of things planned for us to do. My daughter is seven years old and my son is one year old. We will be traveling by car. It's just four hours, so I think my kids won't be too restless.

My daughter is going to love the arch.

Cahokia Mounds

I'm looking forward to visiting the Cahokia Mound. I recently learned about the Mound. I'm hoping my kids enjoy this experience.

I think my son and my daughter are going to enjoy the zoo. I've heard great things about this zoo! We've been to the Kansas City Zoo and my daughter has been to Nebraska Zoo. I wonder out of the three Zoo's which one she'll like most!

I think the whole Family will like the Magic House. I here it's something to do for the whole family. My son is one and the Magic House something for him to do. My son is like a little scientist I think he's going to have a blast!



The City Museum, I think we're going to be here all day! St. Louis here we come!

I'm definitely going to get in on the fun! I'm afraid of heights, so I'm hoping to overcome my fears during this trip.

My daughter is going to love this place! I'm hoping I can join in on the fun!

This place is so neat! I can't wait to take my kids!


We're on our way home now! Thank you St. Louis!
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Ebony Robinson


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