Band/Strings Concert Andrew C, jasmine y, drew s, James b


Diversity has many benefits, such as bringing different groups together like teams, religious groups, and different races. Diversity allows us to connect with different groups of people and helps us to interact and learn to work with others. There are different strategies to work together, for example, band and strings could come together and play together. It helps both groups realize how similar each other are, and it brings each of them together.

Diversity can help teams, organizations, and society. To be able to grow and innovate you will need diversity because it enhances one's point of view. It can help organizations because it brings unique information and experiences. Diversity can help groups because similar people leads us to think we all hold the same information and ideas.

Explanation of Event

A concert bringing both groups together to play some beautiful music, and have a great show. Hopefully, these usually conflicting groups will work together well.

Explanation of Challenges of Event

These groups will most likely find it hard to perform well together with such different instruments and personalities. Getting them to properly play together will be a challenge.

Explanation of Two Groups that is bringing together

Band and Strings are two musical groups offered here at Daniel, both thinking that they're better than the other. Strings involves string instruments (duh,) while Band includes Brass, WoodWinds, and Percussion.

Benefits for Groups and Community

Brings students together to realize that both groups have great talents, even though they play different types of instruments. This type of diversity could help them realize that they have more in common than you think.

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