Five Chrome Extensions for School by: Tishie Nyitray

With online school being new for everyone, it can be hard to have your entire workload on one computer. These free Chrome Extensions can help you stay focused, organized, and productive this school year.

Extension #1: Momentum

Momentum allows you to replace the new tab page with a personal homepage. The homepage includes a simple to-do list, weather forecast, a place to write your daily goals and a bookmarks tab. Every day, it shows you a new motivational image and quote to help inspire you throughout the day.

Extension #2: Dualless

Dualless allows you to have a dual monitor, without two computers. It can split your browser window into two with just a few clicks, rather than doing it manually. You can even adjust the ratio of the two screens. For example, Dualless can allow you to take notes from a PDF to a Google Doc without having to switch tabs every few seconds.

Extension #3: Forest

With all the distractions the internet holds, it can be hard to stay focused on schoolwork. Forest is the perfect solution to that problem. It encourages you to stay focused by planting and growing a cartoon tree. Forest works by adding distracting websites to a “Blacklist”. If you open a website on the blacklist, you kill your tree. Forest also offers a mobile app. This extension will help you stay focused on your schoolwork all year.

Extension #4: Adblock

Adblock is a great resource for online learning. Adblock allows you to block distracting pop-up ads, banners and third-party trackers. This extension can help keep your computer safe from malware, scams, and cryptocurrency miners. Adblock also improves page load times and overall internet speeds.

Extension #5: AlphaText

AlphaText is a helpful tool for reading online text. You can change the font, size and line spacing. You can also save favorite style sets with just one click. This extension not only reduces the strain on your eyes while reading, but it can also remove distracting images, videos, and backgrounds. With all the online reading this year will hold, this extension will come in handy.


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