The Georgian Friday, 16 October 2020

The Friday Feeling returns!

Behind the Study Door

Lessons from lockdown

I am sure like me, you are hearing lots of reflections from people leading organisations who have written or spoken about all they have learned through the COVID-19 crisis. I, too have time reflecting on my own leadership and what I have learned throughout the last six months (it won't be a suprise to you that I have learned a great deal).

I was particularly struck by a comment made by Clarissa Farr (ex Head of St Paul's Girls' School). An eminent teacher and educational leader, she was part of a panel of Heads, School Bursars and Chairs of Governors in reflecting on their learnings from the crisis. This is what she said:

No matter how important you are, everyone is the same size in that little square on your screen. The importance and power of being yourself, being honest and authentic, saying when you do not have the answers, and allowing your personal identity to be seen.

I thought this was a wonderful analogy, of course playing on the last six months of Zoom meetings, where we are all indeed the same size as each other.

I believe communities such as our are driven by kindness, compassion and the forgiveness of errors at the best of times, even more so now. I think the lessons we are learning about ourselves, our leadership and how our schools run, will define the future and in no small part direct how we educate the next generation.

Never before has kindness, honesty and courage come to the fore as much as now, and I thank the girls, boys, staff and your families for the role you've all played in making this term so happy for the pupils.

I'm so proud of how the children have come back together - every day they make us smile and laugh, and they have a rather wonderful way of restoring faith in the future. Our Years 5 and 6 choirs have recorded a version of John Rutter's 'Look and the World'. For me, it encapsulates this term and I hope you enjoy it:

Finally, may I end by congratulating our Pre-Prep pupils and staff on their fantastic Harvest Assemblies. The videos, which you will have received today, are wonderful, and I know I will be humming 'Big Red Combine Harvester' for a long time to come!

Wishing all St George's families a happy half term.

William Goldsmith

Golden Tree and Celebration Assembly

Kindergarten Bees

Farid S: for enjoying swimming. This week he impressed his friends by confidently putting his face in the water and blowing enormous bubbles.

Clara C: for being a kind and generous friend. She readily includes others in her games, taking turns and sharing toys.

Dylan B: for being eager to learn new things and enjoying sharing interesting information with the class.

Kindergarten Ladybirds

Olivia J: for always taking great care in creating beautiful artwork

Zac A: for loving swimming! He is enthusiastic in the pool and loves splashing in the water.

Reception E

Lex B: has had an amazing week, throwing himself wholeheartedly into everything he does! Keep up the great work Lex!

Shrita D: has been listening really well this week and is trying hard with her letter formations.

Reception P

Willow C: has been working so hard this term. She has made great progress with her reading, writing and maths.

Arjan B: is such a kind and helpful member of the class. He has lovely manners and always has a smile on his face.


Oscar McD: for always taking time and care to produce brilliant art work

Zain M-E: for a super effort and perseverance in tricky addition work

Amarahni S: for consistently being a polite and very kind member of 1AG


Akushla V: for her hard work and perseverance in class and good progress in reading.

Ajai B: for an excellent retelling of the Good Samaritan story. Well done.

Arthur G: for writing a beautiful harvest prayer independently. Well done.


Jago C: for making great progress in Maths working on column addition and worded problems.

Dylan W: for making good progress in RWI and working hard on his spellings.

Henry B: for showing enthusiasm towards his work and being helpful in the classroom.


George G: for good work in Maths working on column addition and worded problems.

Frankie K: for focusing and working well in all subjects.

Alex: for excellent work in computing lessons.


Hannah F: for hard work in all subjects and confident reading aloud.

Ollie F-H: for enthusiastic approach in all subjects and pleasing effort.


Toby I: for being honest and truthful when we were sorting out house points in class

Henry T: for working very hard when solving maths word problems involving addition and subtraction

Special Commendations

Thank you to Yatharth from Mrs Pollock & Mrs Evans for saving the day in their Harvest Assembly

3ML are a delightful class who work very hard in French. The following pupils have participated actively in EVERY French lesson since the beginning of term:

  • Eleanor B
  • Humphrey G
  • Bertie H
  • Toby I
  • Harry L
  • Savannah T
  • Khalid Y


Reya M, Buddy P and William S: for hard work in French.

Daniel W, Tommy H, Adhrit P, Haidar K, Loïc C and Matilda W: for the highly commendable effort they have put into science over the week.

Charlie H and Sam P: for working extremely well together on the maths challenges this week. They have managed to complete all tasks through tremendous teamwork.

Harrison B: for continued dedication to his work and producing some exceptional work in maths this week.

Sajan P, Jessica G, Wynnie B, Katie K and Lara B: for fantastic extended similes describing the White Witch from Narnia and for beautiful illustrations to go with it.

Nefeli M: for constantly producing extra homework and/or homework which is of an excellent standard in French, and for having participated consistently in French lessons with enthusiasm since the beginning of term: very well done!

Radley H: also for having participated consistently in French lessons since the beginning of term: well done!

Richard C: for voluntarily working on the French language website 'LInguascope' on several occasions.

Paul R, Lara H, Jamila M, Sofia C and Theo H: for creating lovely posters demonstrating the use of dans (in), sur (on) sous (under) and entre (between).

Bikram H, Jeevan H, Ella M, Luka S-L, Cedric R and Sam M: for having constantly participated in French lessons this half term.

Tommy H, Inara H and Billy O'B: for having frequently participated in French and Spanish lessons this half term.

Mason S: for having frequently participated in French lessons this half term.


Tomasz M: for being very kind and considerate in mathematics and for always helping his peers when they are in need.

Nate M: for being very mature and sensible in form time and most importantly during lesson change over time. He has been extremely polite and considerate this past week.

Views from the school this week

Kindergarten Bees and Ladybirds

This week the Kindergarten children have been acting out the story of The Enormous Turnip. They all enjoyed making and eating fruit kebabs and creating vegetable artwork! The Ladybirds have taken part in science experiments to make raisins dance and they loved swimming in the pool. The Bees had fun 'bathing babies'.


Reception went for an autumn walk with Mrs Evans - they will miss her when she moves to Year 5! They enjoyed exploring and 'washing up' in the outide play area.

Year 1 have been producing some wonderful autumn artwork. In maths they are learning how to count in 10s and how many groups of 10 are in 100. They collected 10 conkers each and built a ladder with a total of 200 conkers. They held hands and jumped along the steps of the ladder. It added up to a fun maths lesson!

Year 2

This week Year 2 have been busy cutting, pasting and building their houses ready for the Great Fire of London!

The models Year 2 made before they went up in smoke!
Year 3

It's been a very busy week in Year 3. The children enjoyed making and eating sandwiches in their English lesson, before writing up instructions on how to do it, using imperative words and adverbs. In ICT they worked on coding and in drama they learnt about characterisation. In DT with Mr Giani their project was to make an Egyptian toy to fit with with their history topic.

Year 3

Year 4 have been drawing 'Still Life' in art lessons this week and in DT they have been using mitre joints to make model of an ancient Roman onager. Today they had the privilege of interviewing Lord Paddick live from the House of Lords. They learnt that he had worked in the police force for 30 years. He told them that his favourite subject at school was biology and that he hated doing any public speaking and used to get his twin brother to do it for him! He told the children that he liked Boris Johnson and had been for a pizza with him. He exercises in the morning, starts work at 11.00 am, although he can sometimes work past midnight, and he doesn’t own a car. The webcam was a great experience for the children.

Year 4

On Friday Year 4 had a practical lesson in maths. They cut out some picture cards, researched an answer to the question appearing on each card using an iPad, and then placed the card on a time line.

Year 5

This week Year 5 became detectives and used their mathematical skills to solve a crime. Using multiplication they had to find the location, suspect and weapon used in the crime. Luckily they were able to solve it and it turned out a pair of smelly socks in the Italian restaurant was the culprit. In English they watched a video and power point presentation of Tim Peake’s time at the International Space Station, they then wrote a diary entry from ’Lift Off to Homeward Bound.’

Year 6

In science Year 6 cut out and made models of the human body complete with its vital organs. In one of their lessons this week the maths groups were taken into the playground where clues for a fractions treasure hunt had been hidden. They were given a treasure map on which they had to fill in their solutions once they had managed to solve the clues. It was a good way to practise fractions and learn the value of teamwork!

Years 7 and 8

Years 7 and 8 tried out a variety of new sports this week including Gaelic football. In science Year 8 are learning about sampling methods and carried out a lawn survey using quadrats.

Daniel W in Year 8 took this picture of Jupiter and Saturn a week ago. Brilliant stargazing, Daniel!

Senior Schools Information

Sir William Perkins's have a series of Open Days in November. Do click on the link below to access their admissions page, which includes a message from the Head:

Eton College is currently unable to schedule admissions tours of the school but would like to make parents aware of their virtual tours and webcasts on Zoom. These will include a video presentation and talks from the Head Master and the Director of Admissions. Parents should contact admissions@etoncollege.org.uk in order to gain access to the webcasts, which are being held on the following dates:

  • Friday 23rd October 4pm
  • Tuesday 27th October 4pm
  • Thursday 29th October 4pm
  • Tuesday 3rd November 5pm
  • Tuesday 10th November 6pm
  • Thursday 12th November 6pm
  • Thursday 19th November 5pm
  • Thursday 26th November 6pm

Luckley House School have a virtual Open Morning tomorrow, Saturday 17 October. Do click on the link below to view this:

Storytale Festival

Storytale is an exciting new week-long book festival celebrating the wonderful world of children's books. It's usually live in Bristol, but this year it's online. There will be something for everyone from interactive and sensory storytelling for tots to inspiring talks and workshops for teens. The bitesize edition of the festival starts on Friday 25 October.

Wishing the following pupils a very...

All these pupil have their birthdays over the next two weeks: Tom A, Florence B, Ben C, Sebastian R, Sajan P, Milton O'B, Alessandro S, Amalie W, Alexander W, Callum B, Toby D, Aanya K, Mya J, Cedric R, Youshay R, Daniel W, Eleni S, Ekam R, Henry G, Daisy H, Felix F, Zachariah A and Tom V.