College of Arts & Sports University of the Nations

The College of Arts & Sports equips men and women spiritually, culturally, intellectually, physically and professionally, inspiring them to use their God-given abilities to communicate and demonstrate the Gospel in all nations through a vast range of artistic and sports expressions.

Our courses are designed to achieve an integrated approach to ministry, including evangelism, celebration, and training to meet the challenges of an increasingly globalized society, which universally intersects through arts and sports expressions.

Our cornerstone is the Word of God, and we recognize that it is “in Him we live, and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28) and that we as His people are created to praise Him (Isaiah 43:21).

We aim to be salt and light in the vast and diverse realms of arts and sports. It is imperative that we develop godly character and display biblical truths to current and future generations, giving glory to God through arts and sports. Our courses teach individuals and teams to think biblically and apply scriptural truth and prepare students to bring the whole Gospel to the nations using their talents, gifts and abilities to display God’s heart for man.

We are constantly upgrading and expanding our course offerings to meet the challenges of diversification and innovation in today’s societies. Our newest courses range from fashion and culinary arts (which highlight social conscience and fair trade as well as individual values) to free sports and outdoor adventure training.

We offer training in disciplines as diverse as music, dance, sports and fitness coaching, theater, visual arts, songwriting, event management, sports ministry, recreation, cultural expressions, nutrition, fine arts, worship ministry, and more.

To see all the courses we offer, go to the College of Arts and Sports page of www.uofn.edu or to www.ywamcas.org.

We have many different types of schools, in the following key areas...


Summer of Dance Seminar & Field Assignment

Dance Studies Seminar

School of Dance I , II & Field Assignments

Worship & Music

Music Theory - Online level 1 & 2

Worship Seminar

Musicians Summer of Service Seminar & Field Assignment

Music Ministry Development Seminar & Field Assignment

Music Performance Seminar: Symphony of Nations

Music Performance Seminar

School of Worship & Field Assignment

School of Music in Missions & Field Assignment

Musicians: Booking Tours

Performing Arts & Acting

Creative Improvisation Seminar

Cross-Cultural Performing Arts & Sports Seminar & Field Assignment

School of Performing Arts I, II & Field Assignments

School of Acting for Screen & Internship

Redeeming Cultures

Redeeming Cultures Seminar & Field Assignment

Arts, Faith and the City

Transformation for the Arts

School of Culture & Art & Field Assignment

Principles of Redeeming Cultures

Art Evangelists School & Field Assignment

Arts & The Kingdom

Event Management

Event Management Seminar

Conference Management Seminar

School of Event Management & Field Assignment

Event Management Praacticum I & II


Classical Arts Seminar

Arts & Healing

Arts, Faith & The City

Creative Visual Arts Seminar

Graffiti Arts Seminar

Biblical Arts Foundations for the Arts & Internship

Arts and the Kingdom

Arts Practicum

Songwriting, Music Recording & Production

Elements of Songwriting I, II & Internship & Field Assignment

Audio Production

Music recording Internship

Fine Arts

Classical Arts Seminar

Creative Visual Arts Seminar

Fine Arts Foundations I, II, Field Assignment & Practicum


Sports Ministry Training & Field Assignment

Sports Leadership Training I

Freesports Seminar

Power Evangelism

Sports Coaching Training Seminar

Personal Holistic Development & Nutrition

Physical Fitness - Basic Certification

Human Performance Instructor Certification

Sports Ministry School & Field Assignment

School of Freesports and Youth Culture & Field Assignment

Fashion Design

School of Fashion Design & Practicum

Culinary Arts

School of Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management I, II, III & Field Assignment

You can also do Associates and Bachelors degrees in the College of Arts & Sports...

Foundational Associate of Arts

Foundational Associate of Arts in Event Management

Foundational Associate of Arts in Hospitality Management

Foundational Associate of Arts in Music Ministry

Foundational Associate of Arts in Performing Arts

Foundational Associate of Arts in Sports Ministry

Foundational Associate of Arts in Visual Arts

Foundational Associate of Arts in Dance

Bachelor of Arts in Dance

Bachelor of Arts in Event Management

Bachelor of Arts in Music Ministry

Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts



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