Swoosh! I fly down the mountain zigzagging between trees, snow is falling and it is difficult to see. It had been a freezing day today in Vail, Colorado. Temperatures close to zero and thirty mile an hour winds. The ski hills were proof of that as there were very few people on the mountain. As I near the end of my run, I spot the chairlift at the bottom, each chair moving slowly up the hill. When I arrive at the chairlift I ski right to the front of the line because nobody else is there. As my chair rises, I can feel the wind blowing against my face. It seems to take forever, eventually, I get to the top. Once I do I look at my watch, it’s three forty-five, fifteen minutes before the chairlifts stop for the day. I decide to try and ski quickly down another run so that I can get to the chairlift before it closes. I start to go down a challenging run because it looks to be shorter. I manage, despite the deep snow and large moguls. I cut through some trees and pick up speed. I can almost see the chairlift in the distance. If I keep up this pace I should be able to make it in time. The run flattens out and becomes a catwalk with a drop on the right side. I try to make some turns to slow myself down when I attempt to make a wide turn. I catch an edge on a patch of ice hidden underneath the fresh snow. I go flying off the side of the run and land in a pile of snow below. My head hurts and I’m covered in snow, but the cold breeze makes it numb. I try to get up, and end up falling back down. I start to think of how I’m going to get back to the base of the mountain. I attempt standing up again and succeed. Then I search for my skis. I find one to the left of me and other deep in the pile of snow I fell in. One is really scratched up, though the other one is fine. I am about ten feet below the path I was on before, and I don’t think I will have a chance to climb back up. I carry my skis and try to find a way to get back on a run. I walk through the deep snow and look around for some way to get back on the path I was on or to find a new run. I kept walking though I saw nothing. It was hard to see because it was starting to get dark and there were tons of trees. The wind has died down a bit, but the snow is still coming down. Finally, after over an hour of searching, I find an opening that looks down to the base of the mountain. There is a run below, though it is too steep for me to try and ski down. I walk along the side until I can find an easier way back down onto the run. I eventually make it back down onto the run and then I ski down and it doesn’t take me long until the base of the mountain was in sight. “Wake up Jeff,” I hear my mother yell. I open my eyes and realize I’m not on a ski hill and that it was just a dream. “Come on Jeff,” my mother yells slightly louder this time. We’re leaving for Cascade in ten minutes. “Oh jeez,” I thought remembering the night before.

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