America and Sweden BY aaron


Starting with the USA. The population is 325,781,300.


The weather in Washington D.C is cloudy and rainy and is usually 7ºc to - 4ºc

Washington, D.C.

The most significant landform is the Appalachian mountains.

Appalachian mountains

Languages spoken in USA are English, Spanish, French and Hawaiian.

The main religions in USA are Protestant, catholic, Mormon, Judaism and Islam.They wear hats, jeans, chaps ect

They eat rice, sausages I mean I can go on forever.

They wear hats, boots, chaps, jeans ect.

They play all different kinds of sports like NFL, MLB and NBA.

They celebrate thanksgiving and Independence Day (Forth of July).

The biggest change in USA in 100 years is Donald trump being president and bigger cost of living and more diversity.

Donald Trump!

Now over to Sweden the population is 9,920,600

The weather in Stockholm is cloudy and rainy and usually about 8ºc to -4ºc


The most significant landform in Sweden is the Scandinavian mountains

Scandinavian mountains

The language Sweden people speak is Swedish.

The main religion in Sweden is the Lutheran Christianity

They eat many meat dishes like meatballs with jam.

They wear blue and yellow things like the Swedish flag!

Swedish people play all kinds of sports like handball, soccer, golf, athletics, gymnastics, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, table tennis, and bandy.

The biggest change over 100 years is that things cost more.

The differences to USA and Sweden are they have different clothing and colours. They both both have city's. They both have different flags and speak different languages. Swedish food is pretty different American food because Sweden has meatballs with jam and America doesn't have that. The USA has more diversity. The USA has a way bigger population because swedens population is only 9,920,600 and the USA's is 325,781,300.


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