Nature Activity at the FLMNH By Aaron Gaskin

History of Life and Land exhibit in the FLMNH

I found this exhibit to be quite fun because I've also had an interest in fossils and creatures that lived millions of years ago that are now extinct. Through fossils humanity has learned a lot about life from that time period as well as the evolution process that went into making each creature. Through this, scientists have been able to track ancestors of birds, fish, dogs, etc. way back millions of years and study the changes that led up to this current day chihuahua. Actually going to see the fossils in person rather than seeing it on TV or hearing about it second hand has given me a sense of realness to all these strange and abstract creatures that are only seen in fiction shows anymore.

White and black butterfly in the Butterfly Rainforest

I've always loved nature and butterflies ever since I was a kid for multiple reasons. I loved camping with my dad and friends and my dad did as well so we went camping at least twice a month. Furthermore, my mom and grandma both had butterfly gardens that I would help attend when growing up so I also love butterflies and the gardens that come with them. When I went into the Butterfly Rainforest the first thing I noticed was that there were so many different kinds of plants and trees and then I saw all the butterflies. Growing up I've seen a lot of butterflies but never as many different kinds as this. It was beautiful and it also explained the reason for all the different plants, different butterflies need different plants for food. I wasn't the only reacting this way because I remember that it was relatively quiet in the garden except for people talking about the butterflies or inquiring about the plants, everyone there was solely focused on their surroundings. There was a well laid out path through the garden that allowed people to get super close to all the butterflies as long as they didn't touch them which allowed people to really admire the beauty of the butterflies up close. I've always believed in Leopold's idea that you have to love nature in order to preserve it despite never hearing this before and having seen such a beautiful garden it only strengthens that belief.

Mammoth fossil at FLMNH

The Natural History museum acts as a gateway into the past through which we are able to step out of our normal lives into the realm of the past. It does through through fossils and detailed information about these fossils and what they were like years ago. Also, through finely detailed, life sized replicas of some of these extinct species and what they looked like before becoming a fossil. This helped me better appreciate the mystery of the world because I've seen plenty of movies that have mammoths in them, whether as a character or just an animal, but I've never gotten to see one's fossil in person and really appreciate how gigantic and powerful this creature must have been to be able to move such a mass of bones. By being a gateway, the Natural History museum allows people to gain the knowledge of the past while gaining respect and awareness for the present.


I took all the pictures myself.

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