Matchbox 20 + Counting Crows 9.30.17

We'll take a perfect Fall night with these bands every single time.

Matchbox 20 and Counting Crows have graced our stage before, but never quite like this. With Fall descending on The Woodlands and the Summer heat finally dispersing, we couldn't ask for a better night for their music. These bands have a few sides to them - parts are rocking, parts are thoughtfully emotional and parts are downright heart-wrenching. All were on display Saturday night at The Pavilion.

Rivers and Rust delivered a playful and rustic set filled with strong harmonies that struck a delicate and wonderful balance between country and all out rock. Self-identified "bluesy Texas songstress" Sheilla Marshall rocked a "Luv Ya Houston" shirt while belting lyrics alongside guitarist Kyle Cook. Cook is best known for his role as Matchbox 20's guitarist, but his skills as a frontman and vocalist were equally outstanding in this more intimate setting.

Counting Crows

Anyone who's been to a Counting Crows show can tell you that it's an extremely personal thing. There's no escaping the depth and soul behind front man Adam Duritz' voice. When the band opened with their hit, "'Round Here" every voice went quiet and every eye locked on to the stage. We were in for a ride.

The stage lights seemed to be seeping at the seams, leaking into a crowd craving a little of the light and sound cast from the band's iconic presence. The band had plenty of fun with the crowd too, at one point welcoming members of Matchbox 20 on-stage for an awesome duet of sorts.

There were moments to dance, as well as plenty of moments to sit back on the lawn and bask in the light of great music. To us, the show didn't feel like a throwback. It felt best enjoyed in the present, on a perfect night, with thousands of our best friends singing along. The band closed with "Rain King" and just about everything felt right.

Matchbox 20

Matchbox 20 came on stage with very little frills - sure, they had awesome lighting, but outside of that their stage presence wasn't too complex. They made it clear that their task for the night was simple: rock their outstanding catalog of music and hang out with some of the best fans around.

Rob Thomas is awesome. We knew it before the show, but with every moment on stage he reminded us why his epic on-stage presence has resonated so much with Matchbox 20 fans over the years. On Saturday night, it was clear that the stage was his and his band's completely. At one point in the show, Thomas sat on the edge of the stage like it was the tailgate of a truck. He sang to the front row. They rightfully adored the moment.

We still can't get over how wonderful the night was for watching music we loved. With lights cast out over the audience, we could see so many faces - each one smiling, laughing, dancing, mouthing the words. Listening to great music is a good thing; sharing great music transcends even that.

Kyle Cook's third voyage on-stage of the night was his biggest. His riffs and rhythm have always been a highlight of MB20's music; Saturday night was no different. Paired with Thomas' vocals, we found quite a few reasons to get on our feet, especially for classics like "Unwell" and "How Far We've Come".

Later, when a fan from the Pit went to take a picture, the ever-ready Rob Thomas grabbed their it and spent an entire song selfie-singing and recording a video. To the lucky fan whose phone got a personal performance from Matchbox 20 - we'd love to share the video with the world. Feel free to reach out!

Thanks for joining us for a seriously special night, friends. We'll see you next time.

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