This is our nations flag, the yellow represents the wealth and prosperity our country has been blessed with due to a very successful agricultural and fishing buisness that has been heavily invested in. The blue in our flag represents our oceans that border our country as well as our patroitism. The black shows our determination and strength. The stars show our vast military power.

Our country has an absolute monarchy and that is a form of government in which the monarch has absolute control without limitations from a constitution or the law. This is different from monarchies such as the UK where the monarch ( Queen Elizabeth II) has very restricted power and is known as a constitutional monarchy.

As Felizakia is an absolute monarchy, the ruling monarch is succeded by that who is next in line for the throne, normally the first born son. To become king or in rare cases in our history, queen, one must also be called Felix to honour Felix I the conqueror. Descisions are all made by the king who at the moment is King Felix XXV. King Felix XXV also holds all the power. This includes for example the nations army, the king may chose to go to war as he pleases. The peoples views are expressed through the Kings advisors who have frequent meetings with the common people. The king selects an advisor in every area of importance who is most qualified for the job and that advisor relays the information of the common people and his personal advise to the king. Luckily the population of Felizakia is relatively small, less than 750,000 and the majority of people are content. Felizakia borders the ocean and has very flat, fertile terrain. This means it has very heavy exports of raw materials. In particular fish, beef, wheat and barley. When money is required taxes are raised. There is rarely opposition as an increase in tax is for urgent requirements and generally accepted and understood by the people. In our monarchy the kings advisors are chosen by the king with the intention of selecting the most successful and wise people.

When chosen the advisors are then knighted and given Felix as a middle name. Due to past wars our king Felix XXV meets with surrounding kings once a month to discuss issues and ensure peace. An absolute monarchy is a blessing for our country bestowed upon us by god himself. A monarch rules for life and hence his long term plans can be enforced and not sabotaged by a change in power allowing the country to have a strong sense of direction. An absolute monarchy means that descisions can be acted on much quicker and problems can be solved much faster because they only need to go through one person. The king has advisors but ultimately he's the only one who can make decisions. Law is also much simpler and further appreciated by the people as laws that address their issues can be quickly passed.

It must be said however that an absolute monarchy does have some disadvantages. A monarch might not be the most fit to serve as they inherit the throne meaning they could have their own interests or incentives at heart instead of those of the peoples, or that they are unable to be a strong leader and make good decisions. Corruption can occur very easily too especially with gullible and weak kings. Also a monarch ruling for life may mean that when they are very old they aren't able to keep up with current views, they may enforce old and outdated ideas.

A country with our form of government is the United Arab Emirates

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