Views from Above Alaska aerial images show a diverse and layered beauty

By Michelle Theall

FROM KETCHIKAN TO UTQIAGVIK, I’VE LOGGED THOUSANDS of air miles with a camera in my hand, never ceasing to wonder at the vast terrain beneath me. Unnamed and unclimbed peaks pierce the skies with rivers of ice undulating beneath them. Tundra, tussocks, willows, and dense rainforests smooth into inviting patterns— belying the bushwhacking effort required for any real type of ground exploration. Animals dot the barren landscape caught in the act of eating, sleeping, or doing any number of things animals do when we’re not around to see them. Cyan-colored kettle ponds gleam like blue eyes beckoning from the icy face of a glacier, while active volcanoes puff steam into the sky. It’s only from above that I realize how little of the state has ever seen a human footprint—and how remarkably rare and grand a thing that remains.
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Alaska Magazine MMN


Photography by Michelle Theall