my family blog

hi my Name is karen i am doing a family blog on my family

1 i have loots of family back in newfoundland that i go sees

2i go vist thim there all the in the summer time and cousin s and 2 nan s

i love visting family and friend s it be s good to see them all the time as will

i have 3 bother s in my family there in bonnyvile alberta and a mom and dad there in alberta as will as me my name is karen i am the hnely gril in the family

i have a big family i show muss the one s back in newfoundland a lool t

i am going back there this summer to see all of them to saind hi to them

i love my family so much they make me so happy this is all i have to say for new and i go vist my aunt s and nugel s as will


karen s family

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