Chapter 8 DNA Structure and Function

Watson and Crick

They did not discover DNA, but they did realize that it exists in a 3D double helix. They also had a female Rosalind Franklin with them but she is not given Reddit because of her death before the Nobel peace prize.

Chargaff rule:

This rule is basically stating that DNA must be a 1:1 ratio. Or it is guanine equal to cytosine.

The base pairs bind because of the pyrimdine and purine.

A chromosome is a structure that is extremely threadlike. The nucleaus containe proteins and nuclei acids as well. It also contains genetic information. This is part of a gene.

A katyotype is the visible chromosomes. They are found in the nucleaus and they should be visible enough to see the number of them.

The DNA can replicate only when the double helix is unwound and it becomes two seperate helix's

DNA is damaged when the strand is broken or chemicals inside ruin it.

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