Irish Theatre ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We chose Ireland because there is a lot of history on the theater subject. The history of Irish theatre begins with the rise of the English administration in Dublin at the start of the 17th century. Over the next 400 years this small country was to make an unequal contribution to drama in English.

In the early days of its history, theatrical productions in Ireland tended to serve as political purposes, but as more theaters opened and the popular audience grew, a more diverse range of entertainments were staged.

The Original Theatre Royal in Hawkins Street, Dublin

There have been three Theatre Royals built on the same site in Hawkins Street, Dublin beginning in 1821 and finally ending in 1962.

Many Dublin based theaters developed links with their London performers and productions from the British capital often found their way to the Irish stage. However, almost all Irish playwrights from William Congreve to George Bernard Shaw found it necessary to leave their native island to establish themselves.

At the beginning of the 20th century, theatres and theatre companies dedicated to the staging of Irish plays and the development of original writers, directors and performers began to come together. This allowed many of the most significant Irish writers to learn their trade and establish their reputations in Ireland rather than in Great Britain or the United States.

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