🎶 How to Listen to Beyoncé on iTunes 🎶 By: Nate pearce

First, you open the iTunes app on your iPhone.
Next, you need to hit the "Search" button, as seen in the photo above.
After you click on the "Search" button, search "Beyoncé" in the search bar, and you should see something like this.
Before you buy the whole song, I recommend clicking on the picture next to the song to make sure you like that song.
Once you know you like that Beyoncé song, tap on the price of the song.
After you have tapped on the price, click "BUY SONG", as seen in the picture above. Make sure when you buy the song you put in your Apple ID password!
Next, tap on the "Music" app on your iPhone.
There are multiple ways to find your music on this app, but one simple way to do it is to first tap on the "Search" button.
Next, search the song you just purchased. (In this case, it was "Irreplaceable"). Then, tap on the song.
Now, you are listening to Beyoncé! Congratulations! Repeat the process for any other Beyoncé songs you want to download and listen to.

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