Agua Sling Ultra-fast Storm-Proof Camera Bag

A fusion of outstanding storm protection and camera quick-draw... the Agua Sling

It has been great to have the opportunity to field-test a prototype of Miggo's forthcoming Agua Sling - living up to it's stormproof rating... everything bone dry on the inside of the bag after some heavy downpours. Strong, ergonomically comfortable, well-padded protection for camera and lenses.

So, who are Miggo?

With a team of designers, that worked for Kata and Manfrotto bags in the past, they have over the last few years produced a range of innovative products for photographers. Form and function are always evidently considered in their designs. I have tested bits of their kit before, including the first Agua 35 bag, so I was definitely looking forward to field-testing the new Agua Sling.

"At miggo we get up each morning with the aim of developing high quality products that will make the lives of professional and amateur photographers a lot easier and fun"

Guy Sprukt, Marketing Director at miggo.

The miggo team

The Agua Sling offers a compact design with a surprisingly 'Tardis-like' storage capability. It is capable of carrying a full-format DSLR camera, three professional lenses including a medium range telephoto lens such as a 70-200mm.

I can easily fit my Pentax SLR (APS-C format) with any one of these lenses attached (and fit the rest in too): Sigma 10-20mm; Pentax f/1.8 50mm; Pentax 50-200mm; Pentax 18-55mm... and my SLR raincover; smartphone Gorillpod in the main padded compartments!

A wide, very comfortably padded strap allows easy carrying, and once the stabilizing strap is unclipped, quick access to the gear through a side opening (as in the photo below).

Un-clip the stabilizing strap, slide the bag round, grab the loop handle - whilst pulling the zip, grab the camera ..ready to photograph in 3 or four seconds!

It also features a water-proof front pocket for small / thin stuff - such as Neutral Density Graduated & polarising filters; filter holder; memory cards, etc. There's a couple of further zippered pockets inside for gear - one mesh pocket and a padded/ zipped pocket which would be good for memory cards, though with my big wide hands it was a little tricky to get into the that one... probably not a problem for most people.

Stormproof front pocket - ideal for quick access to filters

It also features an external and convenient charging port for mobile phones - via use of an internally stored 'USB power bank' (not included) - which could be a very useful item to have when you are out in the wilder places and need to re-charge bits of kit. It also includes a dedicated laptop pocket (up to 14.5") inside.

Like all the bags in the Agua series, the Sling is IPX3-standard storm-proof.

IPX3 stormproofing - for reassurance that your kit will stay dry on the inside. The matt black waterproof tarpaulin looks great too!

What is IPX3 standard? The official IPX3 standard states: IPX3 Protected against spraying water: water spraying up to 60ยบ from vertical at 10 litres per minute for 5 minutes at a pressure of 80-100kN/m2. To adhere to this standard, Miggo perform strict tests at a special "wet" lab, located at the factory which manufactures their bags. In addition, to be absolutely sure, Miggo's Team put the bags through a series of intensive field tests.

Whilst their, already massively successful, Indiegogo crowdfunder for the new line of Agua bags is still live - you can pre-order one for $139 USD including shipping (22% off the $179 USD). Have a look at the Versa Backpack and Drone Lander too

Whilst there are some bags for outdoor photography that claim to be showerproof / rainproof and turn out to be a damp squib, I have felt confident carrying my gear in comfort during heavy rains in the Agua Sling, knowing it will keep my kit dry and easy to access when I want to make a photo.

Highly recommended


Phil Hemsley

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