Roosevelt MS Student Shoutouts Friday, May 8, 2020

To Ryan, Janus, Jason, Rui Cheung: "I just want to say hello! I am grateful to you for supporting me." - Anthony N.

Hi Etrinity! from Kahmayla

To Ilona: "Thanks for always being the best friend I ever had and when I was down you were always there to bring my mood back up again. I would do the same for you! 👋 - Kahmayla

Thanks for being my friend, Haden! - Yingwen

To Kiana M. - She’s always getting her work done before it’s done and is always paying attention to the teacher even when there are distractions. Thanks for being a good sister and thanks for giving me that skateboard for my birthday! - Leiana

Thanks for helping me on my homework, Elena! - Jovin

To Lucy, Chloe L. and Amanda L - Thank you for always being there for me and talk to me when I’m bored. :)

To Andy, Benny, Johnson, Vincent, Malcolm, Derek, and Charles: "Thanks for being my friend - My life would be so different without you guys!" - Ryan Z.

To Maya L. "She has been working very hard and staying on top of the things that need to be done." from Zachary

To Catherine T. - "Thank you for helping me with my history work and being a great friend!" - Luci B.

To Tanvi - "Thank you for being an amazing, kind, funny and supporting friend! I will miss your smile and of course your food during lunch!" - Camille A.

To Shree G. - "He's been a good friend, and it is such a relief to have someone who is alway there to help with homework." - Fiona F.

To Lily & Rose - "Lily is a great friend and always checking in our messaging app to see how I’m doing. Rose is also a great friend and supported and listened to me when I'm in a bad mood and/or have problems" - Amylia

To Kelvin: "I like how you are hecka funny and always find a way to make me laugh, and you always hangout with me during school and after school. We spend a lot of time together whenever we aren’t at school like playing video games and texting each other. Whenever we roast each other, you don’t get too mad which I like because we tend to roast each other a lot. Thanks for being my homie." - Johnson

To Austin, William, and Edmond - "They helped me get through these hard times, and they always make me laugh." - Antonio

To Blake: "Because he always makes my day whenever I am stressed out. He makes my day. He always has a smile in his face!" - Mokdaad

To Jackson, Kobe, and Charles - "I appreciate that they are humorous and kind, and we care for one another." - Jayden

To Shanice - "I love you so much Shanicy. Can’t wait to see you again once is quarantine over! :) I’ll teach you more Tik Tok dances haha!" - Alisen

To all the faculty at Roosevelt who are still working - "Thank you so much for everything that you guys are doing - Not just during this pandemic, but even before coronavirus too! Thanks again - Roosevelt appreciates it!" - Leanna L.

To Grace S. - "Thank you for being one of the few people checking on me and still keeping contact with me in these quarantine times!" - Zoe L.

To Ana Sofia and Audrey G. - "Thank you for always being there for me. Can’t wait until I see you again! Love you!" - Hailey G.

"Hello Hailey! Hope you have a wonderful day!" - Audrey G.

To Audrey G., Hailey, and Noemy - "I miss u so much and I can’t wait to see you!" - Ana Sofia

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Patrick Ng