Perennials A quick guide to what does well in Victoria.



Full sun to part shade. 5 feet tall. Needs lots of room. Flowers all summer.


Full sun and well drained soil. Cut faded flowers to get renewal. Attracts butterflies. Flowers all summer. Height 24 to 36 inches. Avoid white as it never looks good.


Full sun. Well drained soil. Superb container plant. Prefers crowded roots. Takes a time to become fully established. Blooms mid-summer on and reaches about 30 to 40 inches. We only have dark blue.


Full sun. Does not like drought conditions. Cut back dead flowers to get renewal after initial mid-summer flush. Grows up to 30 inches high.


Full sun or part shade. Spring flowering and needs water when flowering. Cut back dead flowers afterwards. Will self seed otherwise but this can be an attribute. Many, many variants. About 20 inches high.


Full sun to dappled shade. Blooms all summer. Can be dried. Maximum 20 inches high.


Left photo is of leaves in winter. Much lighter colour in the rest of the year. Pinkish flowers through long period in spring. Deer may eat the flowers. Develops maximum colour in full sun. 18 inches. This is a plant that about half of all gardeners dislike and the rest cannot get enough of it.


Shade or part shade. Long flowering period in spring when height is about 20 inches. Cut off dead flowers and enjoy the wonderfully marked leaves which grow quite large over summer.


Full sun. Blooms all summer. About 30 inches. A favourite to accompany yellow flowing perennials.


Sun to part shade. Needs very little water and tolerates poor soil. Flowers June to September - 18 inches.


Several varieties with heights to 24 inches and quite different leaves. Yellow flowers all summer in full sun.


Some varieties have intense red flowers all summer as well as excellent grass-like leaves. Best in full sun. Up to 40 inches. Many uses including containers.


Full sun. Flowers all summer and beyond. Bushy and only 15 inches high with single clear blue flowers. Shorter lived than the taller, spiky variety with which we are all familiar but really useful in some spots such as containers or smaller spaces.


Also called "Angel's Fishing Rod". Needs full sun and moist soil. Blooms mid-summer at about 3 to 5 feet. Very elegant.


Full sun. About 30 to 40 inches tall. Rich border display and excellent cut flower. Remove spent flowers to almost double its season which is long anyway.


Does best in hot, sunny locations. Tolerates drought. 40 inches tall. Trim after first flush of flowers fade to ensure a full summer of flowers. Only trim down flower stems before winter. Leaves can remain. Better in real life than in any photo.


Everyone knows about perennial geraniums. This is named after Phoebe Noble who was an early volunteer in the gardens of Government House in Victoria. Grows just about anywhere. 18 inches high and flowers profusely in early summer. Cut back fairly hard in late June to bring on nice foliage for the rest of the season.


Full sun. Blooms mid to late summer so is especially useful. Up to 36 inches high. Tolerates drought and provides rare colour shades in the perennial garden.


Who does not know the Red Hot Poker? New varieties provide a new range of colour, flowering seasons and heights. Cut down in early spring. Grass-like foliage is attractive when not flowering.


Full sun. Hard to beat for cut-flower production all summer. The more you cut, the more you get. Newer varieties for colour, height and petal characteristics but all are very delightful.


Needs full sun and plenty of water. Blooms late summer and is popular with florists. Grows up to 30 inches and flowers from the top down which is quite unusual. Divide every three years. Cut right down at end of season.


Best in part shade. Needs moisture and competes poorly with tree roots. Great with Rogersia and Astilbe. Long lived and forms beautiful large clumps over time. Long summer flowering period. Flowers reach to 48 inches.


Full sun to part shade. Good in containers. Flowers summer to late-summer reaching 30 to 40 inches. Some varieties are not long-lived but Lobelia generally does well in Victoria.


Full sun will bring 36 inch spires in mid-summer. Do not crowd to minimize powdery mildew.


Full sun. Long blooming. A large and diverse group of plants. Cutting back spent flowers can bring on a new flush of bloom. Will die out if roots are too wet. 20 to 30 inches tall.


Grow in the hottest part of your garden or in containers. Excessive winter wet can result in plant losses. Good draining soil solves the problem. Long flowering. 20 to 36 inches tall. Likely will remain green over winter but cut back in spring.


Full sun. Very long blooming period particularly if dead-headed. 16 to 30 inches tall. Flowers are much more attractive than the foliage and the butterflies agree.


A brilliant late season attribute in any garden or container. Excellent foliage. Sun or part shade. 24 inches tall.

The plant nursery is on the Mews of Government House in Victoria. We sell perennials that thrive in Victoria. Open every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Cash, credit or debit. Everyone welcome!


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