The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Cory Harrington

The theater was really nice upon entering. I was expecting a small theater with little decoration similar to my old high school's theater but I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was interesting that before the play started there was no music and it was only the audience talking. The size and ambience of the auditorium made it seem like a professionally done play.
I went to the play by myself but I had fun anyway (I had intially planned to go with a friend but the times did not work out). There were a lot of other kids going alone too so it wasn't hard to start conversation. I took a shower and put on decent clothes to prepare for the performance. Going with friends to a performance can definitely boost the energy level before a play and it is also fun to discuss our own opinions of it afterward.
People going crazy over a famous person is definitely not something that is unfamiliar in today's culture. Expensive and weird beauty treatments for the rich and famous are not out of the ordinary either which they mentioned in the play. Before attending I knew nothing about the play
What I took from the play is that there can be moments in a person's life where they have to make a choice between being happy or doing what makes them happy. It provided me an opportunity for catharsis because I realized that I should listen more to myself and not get so caught up in what other people want me to do.

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