Vocabulary Week Of January 30 By: Yasmin B4


To have a special group to do work

The C.I.A is an undercover commission.

Synonyms: agency, group


Something going over and over

She was constantly chewing her gum.

Synonyms: never-ending



This person has signed a contract that has circumstances about insurance.

Synonyms: Conditions, Rules, Manner


To compose or represent

This woman has to attend to a constitute that were she is presenting at.

Synonyms: Make, Create


a relative position or degree of value in a graded group

This game has a lot of levels that people are facing.

Synonyms: Rank, Position, Stage


This boy is a bad affect on other kids.

Synonyms: influence


A plan for something

This an institute for my vocabulary test.

Synonyms: plan, layout, template


To translate something

This person is using an app to render the two languages.

Synonyms: Translate, explanation


To be attractive to

This couple are very appealed to each other.

Synonyms: attractive


To make something

This puppy was barely generated yesterday.

Synonyms: born, made


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