Student Resolutions WELCOME 2019


-Erica, senior

"I would like to learn a new song every month because lately, I've been slacking on the guitar."

-Philip, junior

"I'd like to floss my teeth more."

-Allison, junior

"My new year's resolution is to pay more attention to my mental health, and not just ignore stuff, and take the time to process instead of suppressing it."

-Maya, senior

"We want to improve our grades."

-Courtney, Jocelyn, Ruby, freshmen

"I want to improve my posture."

-Simon, junior

"I want to take a one-second video everyday, and be on my phone less."

-Alison, senior

"My new year's resolution is to finish my french homework before I get to class."

-Nikan, sophomore

"I want to surround myself with people who make me happy, because I lacked that a lot in the past years."

-Baylie, senior

"My new year's resolution was to lose weight."

-Diego, senior

"Be more nice to people and be more organized."

-Dina, senior

"Second semester senior year, straight B's."

-Cici, senior

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Greta Aashka

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