Sit-Ins Gillian Ruff

Sit-Ins started by African people not having the same rights as white people, they would sit in a public place and just sit there. They would be hit, spit on, get food thrown at them, but they wouldn’t move. They wanted to send a message and would do anything for it.

These sit-ins normally happened at public places like diners and restaurants and it happened in the 1960s.

The goal they were trying to accomplish was more rights for them and their people. White people had many many more rights than black people and they just wanted rights

African Americans were involved to get more rights. Martin Luther King Jr was involved in sit-ins because he wanted rights for his people as well as himself.

People who were involved in sit-ins normally faced a lot of obstacles during these sit-ins like getting food thrown at them, being yelled at, being physically hurt like being punched, kicked, spit on, slapped, getting hot coffee thrown on them. It was horrible. They really wanted rights. Very very bad. They would go to extremes like this to be able to get those rights. They didn’t ever fights back, they just sat there.

It still makes white people look horrible because we would do that to people because of their skin color. It really wasn’t fair to them.

People have been posting selfies with signs saying things that are protesting whatever they can.

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