Wildscreen strives to amplify authentic voices and bring together filmmakers, photographers, conservationists and scientists. We do this by shining a light on natural world storytelling that raises awareness of the chief issues facing ecosystems, endangered species and communities across the globe. We hope these stories will inspire the wider public to experience the wonders of nature, feel part of it and protect it

Our actions need to reflect this mission. We know that this responsibility to safeguard the natural world needs to be reflected within Wildscreen and be integrated into everything we do

We will continually assess the environmental impact of Communicating COP26 and take every action to ensure that the affect our event has on the planet is minimised

Environmental Commitments

Energy Usage

We are taking the following steps to calculate the footprint of Communicating COP26, ensuring for accurate carbon balancing;

Asking the event venue to measure the energy usage during event

Ensuring our online platform to monitor and measure the data usage of the online platform; through this we can calculate our server footprint

Engaging our partnering production company to monitor the energy used offsite

Surveying online attendees viewing habits so we can calculate the event's viewing footprint


We will actively encourage attendees to utilise public transport, car share where possible, walk or cycle

Attendees attending in-person will receive information on how to balance their carbon footprint with our Sustainability Partner Ecolibrium

Attendees will be surveyed on their travel habits so we can get a clearer picture of the size of the footprint made from delegates getting to and from Communicating COP26

Carbon Balancing

We are working to produce a low impact event, but are ensuring that any footprint we do have will be balanced

To do this, we will supportĀ certified carbon balancing projects which focus on communities, rewilding and the restoration of nature

If you would like to support the carbon balancing of Communicating COP26, please get in touch with sue.martineau@wildscreen.org.uk