My name is Anish Tamang. I am an international student from Nepal currently studying in Western Sydney University The College in Diploma of Health Science course.

Curriculum Vitae

Anish Tamang

13/21-23, Haregrave Road, Auburn

Sydney, NSW 2144

Cell: 0426842886

E-Mail: anish.tamang.1111@gmail.com

Career Objective

Want to gain experience in Health Sector especially Health Promotion

Currently enrolled in Diploma Health Science which will lead me to Bachelor of Health Science

Aiming to major in Health Promotion

Hoping this degree will give me ability to change lives of many poor people living in rural part of our country-Nepal

Will be more than happy to get any position in health promotional sector

Want this position to develop my confidence as well experience and knowledge in this sector so to reach my goal


Hardworking international student from Nepal

Young and energetic,

Organized, independent worker with strong time management skills.

Detail-oriented and able to learn new tasks quickly and effectively.


Hospitality background



Exceptional time management

Work Experience

Worked as a room attendant for 8 month at ibis budget, Wentworthville.


Completed 12th grade majoring in Science stream at a reputed college in my country.

Currently enrolled at Diploma in Health Science in Western Sydney University


Arun Chand, Manager,Ibis budget Wentworthville

Address: 377/383 Great Western Hwy, Wentworthville NSW 2145

Phone: (02) 9769 1240

Health Promotional Officer-

A Health Promotion Officer is a health professional specializing in maintaining and improving the health of populations and reducing health inequities among population groups through the action areas articulated in the Ottawa Charter: building healthy public policy, creating supportive environments, strengthening community action, developing personal skills, and reorienting health services. A clear statement of each action area is contained within the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion. Health Promotion Officers are responsible for the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of health promotion policies and projects using a variety of strategies, including health education, mass media, community development and community engagement processes, advocacy and lobbying strategies, social marketing, health policy, and structural and environmental strategies. Workforce development and capacity building strategies are also important components of health promotion practice. This may involve informing and bringing in other health professionals to assist with various health issues. They also design and develop promotional materials for public information campaigns used for newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, posters, websites, radio and television. Health promotional officer focus on preventative healthcare rather than a medical model of a health care.

Position vacant for Health promotional officer






Key Skills in this Profession

There are many key skills needed to be a good health promotional officer. First thing is the genuine care for people. If a health promotional officer has care for people which help in developing other important aspect for this job motivation, passion and commitment . Being non- judge mental and ability to interact people with different background is a necessity for this job. Excellent communication skills are vital as dealing with people and different community groups is the integral part of this job. A good health promotional officer has a good problem solving ability, he/she should be able execute plans and policies effectively in order to address the problem. A health promotion officer should be able to work in a diverse team as a lot of health promotional campaigns requires different health professionals.

One of the reasons I want to be a health promotional officer is I want to make a greater impact in the people lives and the community. I want to help people to have a good health and life. Because of this reason I am passionate and committed about this profession. As I am from a different cultural background I can understand and interact with people of different cultural background without being judge mental.

One of main skills that I lack is my communication skill which is one of the key skills in this profession. I can not get my message to other people easily which is one of the thing I need to develop in order to be a good health promotional officer . As, a health promotional officer I will have to make contact outside my field as well whether in funding or arranging a program. So, need to increase my communication level as much as I possible.

I can only develop this skill by exposure. Being involved in different voluntary work will certainly increase my ability to communicate with people effectively as well as mass of people in community.

Professional Compentencies

Teamwork- Being able to work with varied group of peope is one of my core competencies. As a Health promotion officer it is a compulsion to work with different health professional in order to achieve the goals. Everything cannot be done by a single health professional, so every health professional has to work close together with each other in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Problem solving and Decision making- As a health promotion officer it is obvious that you will be faced with many different cases which requires different intervention and strategies so to have a good problem solving skills and good decision making are important competencies for this profession. I am very confident with my problem solving skills but my decision making skills surely requires improvement.

Results orientation- I am a very result oriented person, no matter what the task my focus is primarily in achieving the target results. This is an important competencies in Health promotion as well as there are specific time limits to the projects. So a Health Promotion officer has to be very result oriented in order to be successful.

Leadership- A health promotional officer should be able to lead to a team of different health professional in order to achieve the goal. A Health promotion officer might work as a individual or in a group but it surely have to work for the benefit for a population group so having good leadership qualities is always beneficial for a Health Promotional Officer. Although, I feel i can do good in a leader position but i have never been tested that hard on my leadership skills, so this is certainly one of the competencies I need improvement on which can take some time and experience as well.

Top Technical Skills- In this era of technology having technical skills is surely beneficial as well as very important in this profession as well. I am very confident with my technical skills and i am confident i can carry out most of the technical demands in this profession like use of the internet for information and resources, excel for data purposes as well as various other software.

Ethics and Values

Much of the health promotion research ethics literature focuses on debates and issues related to the ideological principles and normative values of health promotion as a discipline and practice, such as the moral and social appropriateness, justification and acceptability of health promotion ideology and practice. There has been less discussion about the practicalities of health promotion research ethics, including how to 'do' health promotion research ethically in the field. This includes how to negotiate, manage and mitigate potential ethical challenges in health promotion research specific to community-based and participatory research in low- and middle-income country. Health promotion ethics is an attempt to answer questions such as: Can we provide a moral justification for what we are doing in health promotion? or What is the right thing to do in health promotion, and how can we tell? Many authors have argued, sometimes these questions are ignored in health promotion in favor of scientific and technical questions about effectiveness. But there is increasing recognition that health promotion is a moral project, that health promotion can be practiced in ways that are more or less ethical, and thus that considering ethics in health promotion is just as important as - and related to - considering the evidence about whether or not health promotion works.

One of the strong reasons i think that i can be a good health promotion officer is the clear link i see between the ethics of health promotion and my own's ethics and values. I also value morality over scientific and technicality. I am clearly supportive of the fact that health promotion projects should be morally and socially appropriate considering the different population and community group.

Future Professional Goals-

My short term goal is to successfully to complete the degree and get a Health promotion job in a Government or private health organization. For this i will have to be involved in a lot of voluntary works which i probably will. I can see myself working in that specific organization for 6-7 years. I will try to reach highest possible position in that organization in that time frame. Until that time I want do Master degree in International Public Health or Global Health. This will see me more closer to my long-term goal of working in an international organization. I want to work in an International Health organization which has a bugger impact on health of the globe. I will try my best to get that position and work harder to reach top when i go there as well. I will also try to pursue Ph. D in this same subject which will help further in my career. This will help me to get into important position where i can make decisions which can positively impact big percentage of population.

Professional Exposure

Health profession is a very competitive field and Health promotion is no exception. Most of the employers look for the for professionally exposed candidate. So, I always try to keep my professional exposure to the optimal level. I get involve in different voluntary work as well as approach new groups of people in similar fields. This not only improve my communication skills but also keep me in update with the field. Also, being part of different clubs in the University can help me in my professional exposure. By following and attending the different events, seminars of the related the organization will help me increase my circle of people in similar fields and boost my confidence as well. Not only that i can do similar things online as well. Whether it can be by writing blogs about the health issues or creating a website can help me a lot. Not only that but following different people and organization in health promotion online in various different online platforms will help me improve different competencies required for the profession. But all of these things are possible only when i am open and willing to commit in these things. So, i shall commit myself more into professional exposure, I should not oblige to anything that would benefit my professional exposure. I should be able to freely accept all of these things.


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