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When women and girls are healthy, they are one step closer to reaching their full potential. But in developing countries, preventable diseases, poor health conditions, and inequality often hold them back.

In this digital exhibit, join Aga Khan Foundation Canada as we travel across East Africa and Afghanistan. We'll meet six women who are embracing opportunity and leading change in their communities, one heartbeat at a time.

On the Front Lines

Good Health Starts at Home

Being healthy is key to living a fruitful, fulfilling life. Women across Africa and Asia are raising awareness, breaking down barriers to good health, and promoting gender equality. Through their leadership, families learn about nutrition and hygiene, know when to seek services at a hospital or clinic, and address the health needs of everyone in the family, especially women and girls.

Nelly Mwasuga

Community Health Volunteer, Kenya

Going door-to-door in her community in coastal Kenya, Nelly is shattering harmful myths about family planning and women’s health.

Joyce Nyanda

Community Health Volunteer, Tanzania

A farmer and a volunteer; Joyce is an important person in her community. She works hard to make sure that her neighbours get the information and support they need, when they need it most.

Gulbadan Rahimi

Midwife, Afghanistan

In her remote and mountainous community, Gulbadan is providing life-saving services to pregnant women and mothers.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada invests in support and training for volunteers, midwives, and other community health workers who are champions for change. This is part of the Foundation's broader commitment to anchoring development at the local level. Our programs promote the empowerment of women and girls, and invest in health, education, economic inclusion, food security, and civil society.

The Heart of Change

A Strong Healthy System

As families and communities learn about their health and proper care, they are more likely to seek professional services. This means they need good quality health care nearby. From technicians to managers, personnel throughout the health system are crucial to better health for all. When equipped with the right skills, resources, and support, they can promote healthy behaviour and prevent emergencies before they arise.

Dr. Ng'wasi Simiyu

Head of Maternity Ward, Nansio hospital, Tanzania

Inspired at a young age to study medicine, Dr. Simiyu is saving lives every day.

Sophiline Mwabaya

Radiographer, Mariakani hospital, Kenya

With the right equipment, Sophiline can help doctors detect complications so they can prevent emergencies.

Elaha Elham

Nurse Manager, Faizabad hospital, Afghanistan

Elaha is perfect for her role in her busy hospital. She is at her calmest when she is helping patients, and solving problems.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada invests in quality medical facilities and skill building for health professionals, from small rural clinics to world-class hospitals. This reflects the Foundation's broader commitment to strengthening local institutions that anchor long-term progress, including schools and universities, governments, and civil society organizations.

When we come together, we build momentum for positive change around the world.

Everyone, no matter where they are born, deserves to be healthy. When we're healthy, we can live our lives to the fullest and share our potential with the world.

Join us in working towards a healthier and more equal future. You can be part of the solution.

At Aga Khan Foundation Canada, we partner with Canadians and women like the ones in this digital exhibit to build a better future for everyone.

We invest in health and nutrition, education, inclusive economies, agriculture and food security, and early childhood development. Breaking down gender barriers and promoting an active civil society are central to our success. As a registered charity, we undertake our programs in partnership with the public and private sectors in Canada and 15 countries across Africa and Asia.

By unlocking human potential, especially for women and girls, we have expanded opportunity for millions of people since 1980.

None of this would be possible without the crucial support of Canada and Canadians.

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