The story behind the name. Hello its hollie

I always think that when people read or hear the name Hello it’s Hollie, they think it’s just a nice saying. That it just sounds nice. But there is actually a meaning and purpose behind the blog name Hello it’s Hollie and it coming from the very heart of what the blog is about.

The photos above are the story behind Hello it’s hollie. They are of my family, generations of my family that have taught me to be strong, confident and welcoming. To welcome anyone, in their hour of need or their hay day. In my family the door is always open and in the case of my Oma’s the door was physically always open. Whenever I would arrive unannounced - which is all the time by the way - I would shout, ‘hello it’s hollie’. My mum would do it, ‘hello it’s Jane’, my uncle would do it ‘ hello it’s Robert’ and my Oma would do it when she came to ours.

My family as you can see from above has lots of woman. But they are not just woman, they are strong, independent bold woman. Woman who are intelligent enough to stand their ground while having a soft caring side that warms your heart. They taught me to be ambitious, to be loving, to share what you learn to help those around you learn to.

It was all the woman in my family but especially the two in the photo above that taught me to be the person I am today and inspired me to start this blog. Everyone deserves loving advice, advice they can trust and advice they are not embarrassed to try out.

If it wasn’t for these woman I wouldn’t be where I am today sharing what I share with my readers and social media followers.

Love always Hollie x

P.s. if it wasn’t for my mum and Oma, I also wouldn’t have learnt the power of dressing well for your shape to give you confidence ten fold either.

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Hollie Wemyss

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