Predictions 2017 A Nyan Kat Production

I believe there will be more Cat memes in 2017 than there ever was in any other year.

My goal is to gain weight for summer

I think the market will be different, but all about something in 2017

The Government will be able to see if anyone is a threat to the country just by checking their social media

There will be less kid friendly movies in the movie theatre

Finally, 2017 may make more of these

Created By
Nyan Kat


Created with images by theogeo - "BusinessCat2" • Noah Sussman - "HTML CAN NOT DO THAT!!!1!!" • John Stansbury - "nu keybord?" • John Stansbury - "sup, cat?" • John Stansbury - "catsup" • david__jones - "Halp!!" • エルエルLL - "Chemistry Cat memetoaudio"

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