The best of what Canada has to offer By: Amrit Basra

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is both Canada's oldest and most visited national park. Banff National Park was established in 1885. Banff National Park is located in the Rocky Mountains and the eastern border of the park is around 100 km west of Calgary and Jasper National Park is at it's northern boundary. Banff National Park is home to the largest cave system in Canada and has a landscape with lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. There are many types of animals in this park including cougar, elk, moose, bald eagle, and mountain goats. This park has many recreational activities including campgrounds, skiing, resorts, lots of hiking trails, and has seven national historic sites.

Humans have been living in Banff National Park for over 10,000 years and was the traditional territory of several first nations groups. In 1877, there was a signing of a treaty with the Canadian government that extinguished the First Nations title of the land and was forced into reserves. In 1885, two years after the discovery, the Canadian government established a Hot Springs Reserve and with the help of the CPR, turned it into a tourist attraction. The park was initially named Rocky Mountains Park. In 1930, the park was renamed Banff National Park. In 1945, after several boundary changes since it's creation, the park was set to it's present day size (Finkelstein, et al). We should care about this park because there is a lot of history associated with the area of this park and there is a lot of fun activities to do while visiting the park.

The creation of the NHL

The NHL was established on November 26, 1917 in Montreal by five ice hockey clubs to compete for the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup was donated by Frederic Arthur Stanley in 1892 for the best amateur hockey team. The original NHL teams were the Montreal Canadians, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, and Toronto Arenas (which later became the Toronto Maple Leafs). The league made many changes for the first 25 years since the creation in 1917. By 1942 there were only 6 teams in the NHL (Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Chicago Black hawks, Detroit Red wings, and the New York Rangers) and these teams are part of the "Original 6" to differentiate between them and the next six teams to come into the NHL in 1967 (Celebrating the Stanley Cub and the birth of the NHL).

Picture of the original Stanley cup

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are water falls in the city of Niagara Falls at the Canadian-American border. The Niagara Falls are also the world's largest waterfall by volume. The Canadian side of the falls are 54 meters high, 670 meters long and have 90% of the flow of the falls. Only the Canadian side of the falls, fall freely in the maid-of-the mist. There are many ways to see the falls including helicopter rides, and on the maid of the mist ride. The falls were formed around 14,000 years ago. The falls have a spiritual significance to the first nations people. Tourism for the falls began in the 1800's and also did daredevils. Most famously was The Great Blondin who performed on a tightrope in 1859. Ontario created it's first provincial park, Queen Victoria Park in 1885 and a similar park was created on the American side in the same year. Stunting was made illegal on the falls in 1912 (Tinker, and Marsh).


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