Kyle Davis Landscape Architect, LEED AP

Kyle Davis, a LEED certified Landscape Architect and Senior Associate in the DHM Denver office, is a true Denver native. Since his childhood in Southeast Denver, and throughout his 13-year tenure at DHM, he's seen positive evolution in the region first hand. Much of his work has revolved around trail and recreation improvements within the metro area.

Denver skyline (Image Credit: David Herrera)
Seeing the outcome of community improvements in your own backyard is very exciting - it makes you feel more tied to and passionate about the work."

One of the most recent and significant local projects that Kyle has worked on is 39th Avenue Greenway. This drainage channel turned greenway is one of about half a dozen projects feeding into the Platte to Park Hill initiative to mitigate flooding in Denver’s northeast quadrant. The 12-acre greenway will include the first ever “shared street” in Denver, incorporating flexibility for multi-modal transportation for cars, pedestrians, and cyclists.

39th Avenue Greenway Shared Street Concept

As a Project Manager, Kyle played a part in the design of the shared street as well as the plazas, playgrounds, community gardens, and other amenities sprinkled along the corridor. This prominent project reflects the desires of the community and project stakeholders. As the project ideas and vision evolved over time, the team had to be dynamic and work efficiently while still meeting the goals and timelines of the “Design/Build” process.

In addition to 39th Avenue Greenway, Kyle has a growing body of work along the South Platte River, connecting trails to rivers and people to nature:

  • Reynolds Landing
  • South Platte River Trail
  • River Run Park (including Riverside Trailhead)
  • Riverside Downs
River Run Park

Connecting places, people, and nature is a quintessential example of why Kyle does what he does. The River Run project includes a new segment of the South Platte River Trail along with soft surface trails, themed rest areas, expanded parking at the trailheads, new vegetation, riparian habitat improvements and river access. Working collaboratively with McLaughlin Whitewater Group, the team created river improvements including a unique surfing experience. Today, the park is a huge draw for people seeking fun both in and out of the river.

Wave Surfer at River Run Park
I like seeing how much it’s used. People will line up on each side of the river to surf the waves, and the trail is one of the most active along the Front Range.”

Kyle discovered landscape architecture having gained an appreciation of art and science from his master gardener mother and structural engineer father. He is currently the chair of DHM’s Leaders in Training Committee, which focuses on mentoring the next generation of leaders within the profession.

In order to have a safe commute to work, we need well-connected paths and trails. If we want fish to thrive in our rivers, we need to invest in mindful ecological restoration and water quality improvements. To connect with nature more, especially in a growing city such as Denver, a thorough network of parks, trails, and open spaces within the urban framework is necessary.
Riverside Downs

Thoughtful and environmentally-sensitive designs are more possible now than ever before, and Landscape Architects like Kyle understand and will have a significant role in helping shape our world into places that people want to play and live.

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