Juniors Not caring about grades by vanessa Giron, Fernando Rosas & Jose Avina

Being a Junior can be frustrating sometimes, you can get a lot of stress from school. But thats not a reason for doing whatever you want, except try your best and make an effort. Karanth is a Junior and he knows about this.

1. In your family is consider that grades are important in school? Yes they are, mostly because they think that if i come to school i should like take about my grade because that proves like how much effort i been putting on school.

2. Do you take in consideration of your grades as something important for the future? Yes i do, because it always shows on my ranking and GPA as college are looking for my resemies, what are my grades and i think that’s really important.

3. Do you think that grades are not important in Junior Year? In my junior year, yes i think most of my peers and friends i have seen them that they don’t care at all about their grades and their are just like acting like it’s something that is not very important.

4. What makes you think juniors are not taking their grades seriously? I think they just think that is one more year in high school, they will take advantages of it, but i really don’t think that’s the case for them, they’re just like rather by lazy and don’t do nothing at all.

5. Do you think that your grades are going to affect into your senior year? Yeah, I think because as acert before, if you wanna be like top and going to a better college, or whatever is the case that you wanna be in your future i think your grades will help you to show what you are like really answer.

6. Do you think that juniors are not taking their grades seriously do to the fact that they are close to finish High school? Yes, because as a set before they’re just like trying to get over it, like puting the best of them.

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