Canada In 2050 How WIll canada look like in 2050?

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What will become of Canada in 2050? Have you ever wondered what Canada will look like in 2050. Well, here's a detailed approach on what may happen in the next 34 years. Canada has many trends indicating major changes in the near future. Will the first nations exist, what will become of Canada's demography. The future of Canada is just a page away!


Based on current trends and the immigration rates of Canada, it seems that the population will not have a very big natural increase, but by immigration. Canada is a great safe house/peacekeeping nation which attracted/attracts/attracting many types of people. Many want a safe habitat where their well-being is taken care of and Canada houses all that (healthcare, education and great armed forces (military). The past 50 years of immigration have shown a 30% increase in immigrants arriving in Canada (with this rate steady/continuously increasing as we speak. About every second, 1 new immigrant (information,paperwork) is being processed into Canada. The trends in the past 50 years indicate 30% increase and if this rate were to stay constant this immigration rate will increase by a projected 30% in the next 40 years. I believe this because with the amount of violence outside of our nation and the fleeing civilians there will be many immigrating to Canada. Another reason why I believe this is because, Canada has been offering many services which allow immigrants a way to leave there country to a much safer place.

The graph above shows the immigrants arriving into Canada over 150 years


I believe that in the next 34 years there will be a rush of immigrants arriving in Canada. This is because of the many fleeing refugees and many immigrants who do not wish to live in there native nation as they may not be treated fairly or lack proper jobs that provide them with the essentials to healthy life. Another reason as to why I believe that Canada will have a very large immigration increase is because of the $23 billion cost which Canadian taxpayers must pay for ( a fraction of the cost).

Death Rate

The death rate in the past 10 years as not been very high and was low fluctuation. The death rate has only increased 5% in about 5 years from 238,000 to 250,000 (rounded to nearest thousand). However there is no specific reason as to why the death rate as gone up, but based on the table above the death rate in Ontario has been rising the most out of every province in Canada. This is because of the levels of violence in around the G.T.A. That is not only the reason for why death rates are high in Ontario. often the high the population the higher the death rate is. That is exactly the case for Ontario as there is about 14,000,000 people living there the annual death rate is rising as more people continue to move into the most busiest province in Canada.

The graph above displays the death rates for the provinces of Canada over the course of 5 years (2008 to 2012).

Natural Increase

The natural increase was the leading factor in Canada's population 50 years ago. However, many individuals have started to become much more independent. According to a graph posted on stats Canada the natural rate has been decline over the past 50 years.


I predict that Canada is going to have very low birth rates and moderate death rates in the next 34 years. Based on current trends I believe that birth rates will decrease and fall very low. This is because of the movement that many individuals would rather have a successful career than have to worry/stress about having a family. According to an article posted in the Huffington Post Canada's Birth rate is hovering around 1.67 children per woman. This has been the current trend over the past 50 years declining from nearly 4 per woman now to 1.6 per woman. The death will not rise just as it hasn't risen in the past 10 years.

Birth rate declining from 3.8 children per person in 1960 to 1.6 children in 2010 ( will continue to decrease).

Aboriginal People Of Canada

The aboriginal people of Canada are a very big part of the history of this great nation. But the founders of this country are decreasing very quickly as the heavy devotion towards there traditions are quickly being left behind in this fast paced country. The population of aboriginals have gone down severely from about 3,000,000 nearly 15 years ago to only about 1.4,000,000 currently. This is due to the fact the many aboriginals are homeless or living in condition where they cannot provide for themselves and/or the net generation. About 21% of aboriginals are in need of proper housing/major repairs to there homes. Many are also passing due to there inability to have healthy lives (sanitation, food, medicine. Although there are many programs offered in Canada for Aboriginals, many are unhappy with Canada as they have lost countless amounts of land due to housing/development projects. Another big reason for the lack of native peoples is because of substance abuse. Many young kids are taking drugs resulting in health problems adding on to the already existing unhealthy lifestyles. 27% of aboriginal deaths are drug/suicide related. The government of Canada has countless programs to help but many are unable to access this help or even know that these services exist (many don't speak/understand English or are illiterate). There are aboriginal peoples all over Canada but the population is decreasing dangerously fast as many aboriginal minor do not have parents or live with a guardian who has to many children to provide for (47% of the aboriginal population).

Above the distrubition of aboriginal children in Canada
Aboriginal distribution in Canada


I believe that the aboriginal population may not exist in 2050 based on the current and past trends indicating major decreases in population. I don't think that the aboriginals will exist because of the increase in immigration and other population increases (natural, birth rate). Canada will continue to take land from the aboriginals to accompany the new arrivals and make room for new generations.


In Conclusion, yes, there will be major changes coming to Canada as this is a great nation which is very welcoming to everyone. There will be a very high immigration rate in the next 34 years just because of that fact that Canada is a very peaceful country and who wouldn't want to live in a country that is safe, caring and home to a very big multicultural population


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