How to Become an Orthodontist by Shelby Mckim

When you think of an orthodontist, the first thing you probably think of is the word "braces," but there's much more orthodontists do than just put some metal in your mouth. Some orthodontists also design and create braces. And let me tell you, there's a lot more training and education than you would think an orthodontist would need!

Length Of Education

To be an orthodontist, you don’t need a special degree, but you do need a lot of training:

  • 5+ years postdoctoral training
  • 6 years of PhD training
  • Total = about 10 years before becoming an orthodontist


You don't particularly need any special degree for this job.

  • better chance = graduate from collage, not required
  • instead of master's degree, main focus should be training.

Qualities & Skills

To be a good orthodontist, you will need some personal qualities. You will need to:

  • be dependable
  • have integrity
  • have concern for others
  • be initiative
  • pay attention to details

Also, you would need a lot of skill. You will need to:

  • steady hand
  • able to put small pieces together with fingers
  • able to listen and understand people

My Long Term Goal

I will become an orthodontist by the time I'm at least 25

Goals: How to Reach Long Term Goal

  1. I will take level 1 physical science courses and get a B or better in science and math in high school.
  2. I will have experience by training for at least 5 years in postdoctoral training.
  3. I will visit an orthodontist office and possibly watch an appointment in high school.
  4. I will help out with the desk jobs in an orthodontist office.
  5. I will finish about 6 years of PhD training in collage.

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