Digital Art Portfolios by: ben devorss

Doug Mcdermott

I chose to make this about Doug Mcdermott because he used to play for Creighton and I like Creighton as a team. I think the most challenging part was when I was working and it all deleted so I had to restart. But it was really fun using the gradients tool on the person themselves because some looked cool and some looked weird.


I chose to make a cookie because I had cookies that morning. I think the most difficult part of making this is that I had to use the burn tool or something on every slide.


I chose a hamburger because thats what my teacher told me to do it. I think the hardest part was trying to blend stuff without it looking weird and not at all what I was planning.

3D project

I chose this design because i wanted to make it into something people see everyday and i thought it would be as cool as just shapes with color. I think the most challenging part was trying to shade because i was constantly undoing and doing it again.


I chose this because i thought of it randomly and thought of things that can fly. the hardest part was finding the color replacement tool which made it so much faster.

This was my favorite challenge activity.

typography project

I chose to do the pictures I did because I relate to them. I think the hardest part for me was trying to put the pictures under my name because I was having problems putting them under the letter but being able to se what it was.

city typoraphy

I chose to do city's because i thought it was cool with the back-rounds and i think the hardest part was when Kevin unplugged my computer I and I didn't save yet so i had to start over again.


I chose to do a bee because i wanted it to be striped. the hardest part was warping the words to fit the shape

I chose to do a wolf because i feel I am most like a wolf than any other animal. The hardest part was trying to bend the text.

m and m

I chose to do an m&m because i was looking at things that were red and i saw m&m's which inspired me. The hardest part was using the burn tool.

black out poetry

I chose to do this design cause i'm in art class and i'm also interested in bright colors. the hardest part was trying to get the layers in the right spot

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