Knightly News 11/16/2018 Edition

Good Afternoon Smith Knight Families. This week we celebrated the arts with a wonderful choir concert and we enjoyed a fantastic UKnighted day learning about gratitude and how it can improve our personal happiness. As you scroll down, notice our flyer for our Smith Wellness Weekend. Like many schools around the area, Smith Middle School is making our long weekend next weekend homework free. We want our kiddos to enjoy the weekend spending time with family, having fun, and just taking time for themselves. We have asked out teachers to do the same! We got this idea from our friends at Athens High School and thank them for a great idea!!! In the meantime, please enjoy this week's Knightly News and expect the next Knightly News on Friday, November 30.

Sign up to help at the Book Fair!

Mrs. Chatel is looking for parent volunteers to help run the cash registers at the Scholastic Book Fair Nov. 26-30. Book Fair is a fun event to work at, and you get a 20% discount for volunteering! Please sign up here: http://signup.com/go/TdbHzqo. Any questions, email Mrs. Chatel cchatel@troy.k12.mi.us.

Mrs. Chatel is really in need of volunteers for the 8 am-10:45 am shift on Wednesday-Friday. Please consider signing up to help—middle school book fair is less stressful and easier than elementary book fair!

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to Smith! See Mrs. Chatel’s blog for information about our book fair on Nov. 26-30:

History Club

We are happy to have History Club starting in December. All students who love history and like to compete should join in the fun. We start on Monday, December 3 in room 20 after school until 3:45 PM. See the flyer and join the History Club’s Schoology group page for more information.

Thursday, Mr. Mueller had the pleasure of sharing with Mrs. O'Donnell's students how he prepares a turkey for thanksgiving. Thanks to Mrs. O'Donnell!

Big Thanks to Lori Shultz, a Smith parent!

Lori discussed water quality, eutrophication, energy and its effect on our population around the world 🌍. She also interacted with our kids on variables that effect the quality of water- they studied this unit on water quality

The picture above is of Lori Shultz and her daughter, Brynn Bologna.

Troy Athens Fall Theater Presentation

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